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ZTE Watch Live 2, complete smartwatch for less than €40

ZTE just introduced us to the new ZTE watch LIVE 2, a smart watch that comes with more than 90 sports modes, precise sensors to monitor our day to day and all this at a price of less than 40 euros. Here we tell you everything you need to know about him.

Technical characteristics of the ZTE WATCH LIVE 2

This ZTE WATCH LIVE 2 has a 1.69 inch IPS screenwith technology TFTresolution 240x280px and 2.5D curved glass. It’s compatible with 22mm standard strapsso you can exchange them if you wish (in stores like Aliexpress we have hundreds of different options).

This model is very easy to use and offers us the basic tools to monitor our routine. So, we have more than 90 sports modes to measure parameters such as calories consumed, distance traveled, duration, heart rate…


In addition, it includes certain sensors so that we can also keep track of our health, as heart rate or blood oxygen saturation sensor. We are talking about sensors, they also include pedometer for the aforementioned sports activities. We can also measure the quality of the dream or even the menstrual cycle.

For the latter, the Z Sports app, compatible with iOS and Android, which allows us to access the watch’s settings (for example, choose from the more than 100 available spheres), but also access certain data collected by the watch or enter the data of our menstrual cycle. We can also configure notifications and custom responses.

It connects to the mobile through Bluetooth 5.1 and its autonomy promises us up to seven days long.

Availability and price

This model is already available in Spain for a price of €39.90. arrives in black color.

In addition, it has IP68 resistance to dust and immersion in water.

Via | ZTE Spain

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