Youin You-Ride Dubai, a practically unstoppable e-Bike

youin you ride dubai destacada.jpg
youin you ride dubai destacada.jpg

The youin You-Ride dubai is an interesting electric bicycle from this Spanish manufacturer with the custom of naming their bikes after world capitals, and this particular model gets its name from the exotic capital of the United Arab Emirates. In the same way, it should be noted that it is a Fat-Bike with a solid design with thick 20 x 4-inch tires, front suspension and a 250W motor, which is capable of traversing difficult roads with grace and comfort. It is for this and other reasons that today we will dedicate ourselves to knowing it in detail.

Technical characteristics of the Youin Dubai

Weight 27kg
Folding yes, in 3 parts
Color Black, Orange, White
Materials Aluminum
maximum weight supported 127kg
Screen Yeah
Endurance IP54
Light front and rear
USB port No
kickstand Yeah
Power 250W
Speed 25km/h
driving modes 3
pedaling assistance 5 modes
Gearbox 7-speed Shimano
Wheels 20 x 4 inches
Brakes front and rear disc brake
Battery 36V / 10Ah – 360Wh
Autonomy Up to 35 – 45KM
Burden 5 to 6 hours
manufacturer site
Package content YOUIN DUBAI electric bicycle, speedometer, user manual, battery charger.

Youin You-Ride Dubai, aka the unstoppable

If there is one thing we have to recognize about this manufacturer’s bikes, it is that they have style and a high-quality finish. That said, the Youin You-Ride Dubai sports a confidence-inspiring arched aluminum frame. The bike rides on 20 x 4 inch tiresso it easily classifies as a Fat-Bike, which is great because we can ride on snow, sand or asphalt with relative comfort.

Youin You-Ride Dubai - Design

We cannot ignore the fact that he has a folding structure in 3 parts (frame, handlebars and pedals), which makes it easy to store or transport. Having said that, it is a compact e-bike, but that does not mean that it is light, in fact, it weighs 27 kilograms, so it is not convenient for us to run out of battery while using it, as we will have to load with a large dead weight. Speaking of the battery, the unit is removable and sits between the rear wheel and the seat.

Other details

Turning our attention to the handlebars, we will notice the presence of a Shimano thumb gearbox on the right handlebar, while on the opposite end is a LCD screen. The latter serves the purpose of indicating the current speed, the distance traveled, the level of pedaling assistance selected and, of course, the remaining battery charge.

Youin You-Ride Dubai - Folded

Other small details that we can praise about the Youin You-Ride Dubai are the front fender and rear luggage rack. The latter could be useful when taking something with us and this level of attention to detail is generally appreciated.

To illuminate our path, this bike is equipped with a high luminescence front LED headlightas well as reflectors on the wheels and a tail brake light, so we can’t say it’s missing anything.

Finally, the Youin Dubai is available in 3 color presentations, all with an unmistakable sporty aesthetic; These are: black, white and orange.

Youin You-Ride Dubai

engine and features

The Youin You-Ride Dubai is powered by a conventional 250W motor, which as you can imagine provides an impulse of 25 kilometers per hour, the maximum allowed by European law for the circulation of e-bikes on public roads, so there are no complaints in this section considering the objective of the manufacturer. With that said, pedal assist supports 5 different power levels, so you’re sure to find a level of assistance to suit your cadence.


With that in mind, the bike also has at its disposal a Shimano 7-speed transmission systemwhich will be quite useful when adjusting the gear.

In another order of ideas, this e-bike has suspension in the front fork to absorb bumps in the road, something absolutely necessary on any bike with off-road aspirations. It should be added that it is a lockable suspension, so there is room for adaptation. However, the absence of damping at the opposite end is a bit disappointing, as that would have consolidated the commitment of this bike, not to mention that in this price range there are more and more alternatives with suspension at both ends.

Youin You-Ride Dubai - Damping

Changing the subject once again, we have that the Youin Dubai owns mechanical disc brakes for safe stopping. Although these do their job correctly, we can’t help but think that hydraulic brakes would be better received in this price range, but we suppose you can’t have everything in this life.


Finally, it should be noted that the battery that powers the Youin You-Ride Dubai electric bike is 36 V / 10 Ah and is unimpressive for this price range, since it only offers one aAutonomy of 35 or 45 kilometers maximum. In addition, it has 5 levels of pedaling assistance to extend that distance a bit and/or control speed.


Considering this, the battery needs about 5-6 hours to fully charge, which is acceptable. Additionally, the battery has the advantage that it can be removed, which facilitates the charging process, since it is not necessary to take the bike to a socket. It’s worth mentioning that the battery is locked in place with the ignition key, so it’s not totally helpless.

Availability and price of the Youin You-Ride Dubai

Those interested in Youin Dubai can purchase it through the PC Store Componentsbut it can also be found available in Carrefour for a competitive price. In addition, My Electro has it for sale. As always, we invite you to check all offers before checking out.

In the same way, we can recommend taking a look at the Youin You-Ride Dakar in case you are looking for something similar.


  • fat tires
  • foldable design
  • Suspension
  • good autonomy
  • comply with the law


  • does not have rear suspension
  • without hydraulic brakes
  • heavy
  • price a bit high

Total score