You can now buy the yellow iPhone 14: this is its price

iphone 14 amarillo colores.jpg
iphone 14 amarillo colores.jpg

Manzana has surprised us with a new very spring color for its latest releases. Although many of us already have our sights set on the iphone 15 rumorsthere is still a lot of life left for its current generation and proof of this is the arrival of the iPhone 14 yellow. We tell you when you can buy it and what its price will be.

The new yellow iPhone 14 will be available for two models

It will not reach the entire family, if not, at least for now, those from Cupertino have decided to reserve it for two versions: iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. It is an eye-catching iPhone 14 yellowa color that we have already seen in previous models and that is repeated in this new generation.

In colorimetry, the color yellow is associated with the creativity and the energytwo values ​​​​on which Apple emphasizes with this addition to its catalog.

iphone 14 yellow

Technical specifications remain identical and the change only affects its color, so you can feel free to choose the tone that you like best. Of course, we must bear in mind that this month satellite connectivity will reach six new countries: Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Availability and price

The price will be identical: 1,009 euros for the iPhone 14 and 1,159 euros for the iPhone 14 Plus. You can book it from Friday March 10th and will hit stores from March 14. The stock that there will be has not been revealed, but this new color will probably run out soon in the first few days, so if you are totally convinced, take advantage of the reservation period to guarantee that you will not run out of it.a

What do you think of this new yellow color? Do you like bright colors or do you prefer to bet on the classic black or silver when you buy a new mobile?

Via | Apple Newsroom