Yesoul C1, indoor stationary bike to set up the gym at home

yesoul c1 3.jpg
yesoul c1 3.jpg

Confinement made it fashionable to exercise at home, but this routine has been maintained beyond the months in which we live within four walls. Some people have taken a liking to doing sports without having to leave the house, something that is super useful especially when inclement weather (either excessive cold, infernal heat or rain) prevents us from going outside to practice it. Also, of course, to save us the gym fee. If you are also looking for a device to set up the gym at home, today we are going to talk about the yesoul C1.

In this article you will learn about the characteristics of this model, what you can expect from this indoor exercise bike and where to buy it at the best price. Let’s go there!

Yesoul C1 Design

This Yesoul C1 is available in color black, with red details. It has a design of flat lines and dimensions of 995 x 516 x 1160mm. His weight is 30kg. It is important that you take into account the measurements and weight, since as you can see it is a fairly bulky and heavy product and you will have to find a hole for it at home and leave it fixed in the room you have chosen. Think carefully about where you are going to place it, since you are not going to be changing its place every time you finish the exercise.

The issue of space is something that puts you off when buying an exercise bike, since many people think that they are going to use it for a couple of days and then it will be left collecting dust… and taking up space. Therefore, beyond looking for a good product, the first thing you should do is raise awareness to really use it, routinely and take advantage of it and that the space it is occupying is really worth it.

Yesoul C1

This Yesoul C1 has smartphone or tablet holder, which will help us to be more motivated and entertained while we exercise hard. You can watch movies, series or simply YouTube Shorts on a loop. What you like the most. The fact is that exercising while you’re having fun will make you last longer and make sport easier and more enjoyable, so if you’re not usually a person who likes to exercise a lot, it’s a help you shouldn’t underestimate. , as it can make a difference.

With 100 resistance levels

One of the advantages of this model is that it offers us an adjustable resistance system that has up to 100 levels of difficulty so you can do softer or more intense training, depending on what you need or what you want to practice each day.

In addition, we have a magnetic resistance system, which allows us to have a quieter workout with good performance. You can give it a go without fear of it overheating or making a tremendous noise and disturbing the rest of the people who live with you.

Speaking of silent, it has a silent drive belt so that there is neither friction nor squeaks and in this way you can exercise without disturbing too much… And we say too much because, so as not to be disappointed, although it is quite silent compared to the rest of the market, the very movement that we make on the bike it makes noise by itself.

Yesoul C1

Connect your Yesoul C1H or Yesoul C1Y to your mobile with its own app

As you already know, the devices that allow us to connect them to the mobile and use them through an app help us to maximize their possibilities, to have more functions and, ultimately, to make them more complete. In this case, this Yesoul C1H or Yesoul C1Y has Bluetooth 5.0which provides us with a stable and fluid connection with our mobile, even if we leave it in another room.

We have one own app with which we can record in real time the data of each training, access a history, etc. All this not only motivates us more and better, it also helps us keep track of our evolution and makes it easier to set a goal for ourselves, to know if we are improving our physical shape or if we are stagnant, etc.

Of course, you can also use it without an app or link to your mobile or anything similar, simply get on and pedal, but we encourage you to use its added functions, which is what they are for and they will help you get much more out of it.

Technical characteristics of the Yesoul C1

Yesoul C1H / Yesoul C1Y
Dimensions 995 x 516 x 1160mm
Weight 30kg
Color Black with red details
Smartphone/tablet holder Yes
resistance levels 100
Magnetic resistance system Yes
Silent drive belt Yes
connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
own app Yes

On these lines we leave you the best offers to buy it, with updated prices on the day you are reading this content. we have it available on amazonas well as on PC Components and also on ebay.

This Yesoul C1 is an indoor stationary bike that allows us to have a mini gym at home, with a moderate economic effort, and many possibilities. It is durable, it is resistant, it is silent and it has bluetooth so that we can control it from the mobile. They also highlight its 100 resistance levels, so you can adapt it to your physical condition every day.

Finally, if you want to compare this model with other similar models of the same brand, here we leave you the review of the characteristics and the best offers of the Yesoul V1. And if you want even more, on a previous occasion we also talked about the Yesoul S3 Pro.

  • rugged design
  • fairly quiet
  • With Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
  • With own app
  • With 100 resistance levels
  • With magnetic resistance system
  • With silent drive belt

  • Only available in one color
  • quite heavy
  • somewhat high price

Total score