Xiaomi Mi Band 8 in sight and with few changes

xiaomi band 8.jpg
xiaomi band 8.jpg

There is no doubt that xiaomi has earned a privileged place in the market for wearable devices from their smart bracelets at an affordable price, which is why every year we have a new generation among us (and even some revision or Pro model as we already had last year). So, the Xiaomi Mi Band 8 It is getting closer to being a reality.

Xiaomi Mi Band 8 still does not have a release date and you probably still have a couple of months to learn about its international launch, although there is no lack of information about what to expect from them, or at least in terms of their design. As shown by the Go Android specialized site, The first real image of the bracelet has arrived from China.

Xiaomi My Band 8 only with modifications to its strap

xiaomi band 8

Possible real images of Xiaomi Band 8

Although it is not always certain that these types of images are reliable, in this case everything indicates that this is the case, since it is a photograph taken by NRRA Korea, an acronym for the certification agency of the Asian country through which all products must pass for analysis before launch in order to receive authorization for sale.

Broadly speaking, you would not have to wait for a renewal in the design, since the same essence of his latest releases with a pill format with rounded edges on its ends and that complete protagonist to your screen on the front. Of course, where there do seem to be changes in the style of your strap.

In the photograph, not only a manufacturing material compared to the conventional silicone straps can be seen, in addition to the fact that it now has two removable elements that are hooked together. This it would mark an improvement in the general quality of the device but at the same time an incompatibility with the previous straps that you have already purchased for the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 and previous models.

Finally, this step through certification has only offered small technical data on the product, such as the presence of a 3.87 volt battery and Bluetooth 5.1, which is still another strange detail considering that the Mi Band 7 has already arrived updated to the Bluetooth 5.2 standard.

In conclusion, while last week we already met your Xiaomi Watch S8 Pro watch, rumors indicate that Xiaomi Mi Band 8 could be announced during May or June this year. What would you like to see as new in this next generation?