X-Tron Viper 13, e-scooter for those who demand absolute power

x tron viper 13 destacada.jpg
x tron viper 13 destacada.jpg

The X-Tron Viper 13 It is a high-performance electric scooter that is characterized by its 7000W dual motor, which allows the user to travel at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour. In addition, it grants long tours of up to 150KM thanks to its 72V / 45AH battery.

If instead of a scooter what you are looking for is a high-performance e-bike, we can help you with that. The same manufacturer has in its portfolio the X-TRON C29an e-bike with 29-inch tires, a 500W motor and a top speed of 45KM/h.

Technical specifications of the X-Tron Viper13

Brand x-tron
Model viper
Color Black with blue and acrylic base
product size
Material Aluminium alloy
tires 13-inch off-road inflatable tires
Engine 72V / 2 x 3500W
Maximum speed 100km/h
Maximum load About 200KG
maximum slope 50°
Drums 45AH 72V
Loading time About 8 to 10 hours
Maximum distance 100 to 150KM
Suspensions double shock absorbers
Brake Hydraulic brakes
Certificate CE, ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3, FCC
Package content
  • X-Tron Viper13 electric scooter
  • Charger
  • Seat
  • User manual

A luxury electric scooter

The X-Tron Viper 13 is a scooter that clearly belongs to the high range, it is a robust electric vehicle that does not skimp on any detail, although obviously this has the consequences of a large size and weight (69KG). With that in mind, this one rides on 13-inch off-road tires that guarantee excellent traction and stability both on well-paved urban roads and on uneven roads.

Speaking of rough road driving, the X-Tron Viper13 It has a double damping system with super spring to reduce bumps in the road. This makes a world of difference in terms of comfort and separates the scooter from the competition.

X-Tron Viper 13 - Design

With that said, it’s quite a luxurious scooter, sporting a clear acrylic base imbued with RGB lights that perhaps sin of scandalous. In addition, it has headlights and an intelligent LCD screen that shows the driver the speed, gear and battery level.

As you would expect from a scooter in this category, you can attach a seat to enjoy more comfortable trips. It is included with the purchase, which is a detail that is appreciated, as is the fact that it is foldable.

X-Tron Viper 13 - Folded

Engine, performance and features

As we mentioned earlier, the X-Tron Viper 13 isn’t just any scooter, it comes onto the pitch equipped with dual 3,500W motors that add a combined power of 7,000W with 8000W peak, this implies two things. First of all, it can reach a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour and climb slopes with an incline of up to 50°. Secondly, it is not suitable for use on public roads, only on private circuits, or at least this is the case here in Europe.

X-Tron Viper 13 - Engine

It is also worth mentioning that supports a maximum weight of 200KG, which speaks highly of its capabilities. As if that were not enough, it integrates a multifunction driving system that can show you how to easily adjust the driving speed to suit the needs of local traffic.

On another note, the X-Tron Viper13 scooter is powered by a 45AH battery, although we also find a slightly cheaper model with a 35AH battery. Be that as it may, they await us at least 100 kilometers of autonomy and up to 150 kilometers in the superior version, on which we are basing this analysis.

X-Tron Viper 13 - Damping

Finally, it should be added that, to stop safely, the scooter has hydraulic brakes, which comes in handy for this product.

Availability and price of the X-Tron Viper 13

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  • Very powerful and fast motor
  • double damping
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • long autonomy
  • includes seat

  • High price
  • Heavy