Why Facebook does not warn of birthdays and how to activate this option

why facebook does not warn of birthdays and how to activate this option
why facebook does not warn of birthdays and how to activate this option

dmit it: you also remember most birthdays thanks to Facebook. This is nothing new and even if you try to remove your date of birth from this app you will see that at your next celebration you receive much fewer messages than the previous year. This already depends on each one, if you prefer quantity or quality, but, in any case, if you do not want anyone to forget you and you want to be that person who congratulates everyone, today we will tell you  what to do if Facebook does not notify the birthdays .

Why doesn’t my Facebook warn of birthdays?

This is an  option that you will surely have disabled . Until not too long ago, users of this social network complained precisely about how intrusive the notifications were, so Facebook focused on personalizing them as much as possible.

You can choose which notifications to receive: friend updates, friend requests, activity near you, groups, videos, events, birthdays…

To do this, you will have to go to  Menu – Settings and privacy – Settings – Notifications  and here look for which ones you want to activate. You will see that one of the options is  Birthday . If you want to be notified, check the  Allow notifications on Facebook box .

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This little guide is made for  iOS , but on  Android  it is quite similar, you can change some words, but the process is ultimately identical.

Now you know why Facebook does not notify you of birthdays and you can activate it again if it is really what you want. Remember that you can’t choose which friends to see the anniversary of, at this point Mark Zuckerberg’s social network is quite blunt: either all or none. If you want to remember the birthdays of only the most important people, you will have to use other event reminder services, such as Google Calendar or Calendar .