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When will the Mario Kart 8 Turnip Cup come out?

Last March, mariokart8.nintendo.com/es/" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Nintendo surprised us fans of the Mario Kart 8 factory with a new DLC with Extra Tracks Pass . In total,  48 new circuits to extend the life of a game that is practically timeless in itself. The price of this expansion? €24.99 . If you already bought it, surely you can’t wait to receive the new update with two cups ( the Mario Kart 8 turnip Cup and the Mushcopter Cup ). We tell you what is expected of them.

When will the Mario Kart 8 Mushcopter Cup and Turnip Cup come out?

This is the most frequently asked question at this point. And it is that it was in the past month of  March 2022 when this DLC was released, unlocking the first two cups:  the Golden Turbo Cup and the Fortuna Feline Cup . Thanks to them we can drive through Paris, Tokyo, a haunted mansion or a shopping center, among others.

But after four months, Mario Kart 8 players have already worn out these circuits and we are waiting for Nintendo to offer us the new round.

Mario Kart 8 Turnip Cup

There is no confirmed date for the official release of the new cups . The only information that the company has offered us is that  all cups will be unlocked in December 2023 . That is, it will take at most 22 months to unlock all the content.

Taking into account that they will be available two at a time, this is the  estimated schedule :

  • Gold Turbo Cup: March 2022
  • Fortune Feline Cup: March 2022:
  • Turnip Cup: July 2022
  • Champicopter Cup: July 2022
  • Rock Cup: November 2022
  • Moon Cup: November 2022
  • Fruit Cup: March 2023
  • Boomerang Cup: March 2023
  • Wing Cup: July 2023
  • Duplicerezas Cup: July 2023
  • Acorn Cup: November 2023
  • Pinchos Cup: November 2023

So,  we could expect the Mario Kart 8 Turnip Cup and Mushcopter Cup to come out in the next few weeks .

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