WalkingPad A1, another “made in Xiaomi” treadmill

Walkingpad A1.jpg
Walkingpad A1.jpg

A few weeks ago we were talking about the WalkingPad C1, an original Xiaomi treadmill that he had put on the market, so that we could keep fit and above all lead a healthy life. This time we bring you another model also made by this Asian giant, which will be great for exercising at home, especially at these times when we can neither go to the gym, nor go out for a walk. We refer to the WalkingPad A1, a more than interesting treadmill, which It comes with a quality design, LED panel and the possibility of folding it when we are not using it. And the best thing is that we can handle it with a small remote control that it brings or from our mobile with the corresponding application.

Accessories included with the WalkingPad A1

In the box, apart from the treadmill, comes the warranty and a quick guide (in Chinese), the power cord (you will need an adapter because it does not come in European format), an Allen key, a small bottle with oil to grease it and a practical remote control.

Weight, dimensions and materials

Although this machine is compact, it is heavy. What should not surprise us because it reaches the 28 kilos. Regarding its dimensions, it has measures of 143.20 x 54.70 x 12.90 cm. It is also important to note that it can support up to 90 kilos of weight. The structure is built from a aluminium alloy, which provides a quality finish.

Foldable and on wheels

On the other hand, comment that at the bottom it has four rubber feet and two yellow wheels, which will be very useful when we want to move it. The WalkingPad A1 has been designed for domestic use thanks to its folding system, which will allow us to easily store it under the bed or in any corner of the house. At the front, next to one of the “rollers”, there is a small cover that hides the connection for the power cable. And by his side he carries a switch to cut the electrical connection to the appliance.

LED panel

At the front of this Xiaomi treadmill there is a display or LED panel, in which we will be able to see the time we have been walking, as well as other data. For example, the speed at which we are walking, the distance traveled in kilometers or the steps we have taken since the beginning of the training. All this of course in real time. On the front we also see three touch controls, which we will detail below.

Standby mode

The first button puts the WalkingPad A1 in standby mode, deactivating both the motor and the treadmill motion sensor. This system prevents us from accidentally operating. The other two buttons offer two modes of operation: manual and automatic. Before continuing, comment that one of the sides incorporates a button so that we can switch between the three modes.

Two modes of operation

WalkingPad A1, operating modes

The WalkingPad A1 has two operating modes and one standby.

The button marked with an M “invites” us to a constant speed mode. When it is activated, the machine will start up at a speed that gives us the possibility of walking in a more or less constant way at 3 km / h. It is recommended especially for users with little experience in this class of gadgets.

We now go to the button marked with an A (automatic). This mode makes the treadmill behave “intelligently” by adapting its speed to our rhythm. What it does is detect the rhythm that the user is printing, and then automatically adapt the speed of the tape. It is advisable to use it when you already have a time of use with the machine and we are used to it. Keep in mind that the minimum speed of this WalkingPad A1 is 0.5 km / h and the maximum is 6 km / h.

Remote control

To use this machine you have two options. The first is to use the remote control that is included, which has a rope to wear it on the wrist. This remote control has four buttons: the + and – to increase or decrease the speed, the function button and another to change the mode. With a long press it goes into standby mode, and with a short one in constant speed.

Xiaomi Mi Home App

The second is to do it through the Xiaomi Mi Home app. First you have to download and install it on your mobile phone. When we have done it, we open the app and look on the left where it says WalkingPad and we select it. We clarify that to carry out this process the treadmill must be in standby mode, for which the side button must be pressed for 3 seconds.

Then we will have to mark our WiFi network and wait for the device to connect to it. Later we must choose a location. Once this is done, click on accept so that the application is updated and the plugin corresponding to the WalkingPad A1. Next you have to enter some personal information: gender, year and month of birth, height and weight. This section ends with a short Guide that “teaches” us how to use this treadmill.

Complete the WalkingPad A1 setup process

Now it’s time to complete a kind of tutorial. To do this, you have to get on the treadmill and place both feet right in the center of the platform, as the Xiaomi app tells us. Then we press the function key and we will have to walk for a minute at 3 km / h. When the minute has passed, you have to press on the + so that the speed goes up to 4 km / h, and we will continue walking at this speed for another 60 seconds. When we complete the minute, we press the function key on the remote control again, and the tape will stop. In this way we will have completed the first part of the configuration.

We go on to test the automatic mode by clicking on the “Next” key. If we follow the instructions, it will tell us to place our feet on the front of the platform. Once this is done, it will automatically start from a speed of 2.5 km / h, which will increase progressively. If we put our feet on the back of the belt, the machine stops. If we put our feet forward again, it starts up again in a very smooth way, until it gradually picks up speed. When we finish this part we will have completed the whole process.

WalkingPad A1, control

We can control this Xiaomi treadmill with the remote control or with the mobile.

Access to tons of functionalities

We already have it ready to use when we feel like it. Do not forget that from the application you have access to a lot of functionalities (including those of the remote control). You just have to click on the three dots (…) that are in the upper part of the interface, on the right. It also has a tab with the History of our trainings, so that we can see all the data for days, weeks or months. Now you just have to enjoy it!

WalkingPad A1 technical specifications

WalkingPad A1
Dimensions 143.20 x 54.70 x 12.90 cm
Weight 28 kilos
Board material Aluminium alloy
Loading capacity 90 kilos
Speed 0.5 to 6 km / h
Folding Yes
It includes Rollers at the bottom, LED panel

You can do it with the WalkingPad A1 at Banggood where you have it with a 24% discount. It is also for sale on AliExpress, with free shipping to Spain. We also recommend looking at Gearbest.

  • Aluminum frame
  • Folding design
  • It can be used with a remote control or with an app from the mobile
  • Two modes of operation
  • It has an LED panel

  • Is very heavy
  • Power cord adapter required



7.5 Total score