VULKKANO Blast XL, we tested this compact and powerful portable speaker

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A speaker VULKKANO Blast XL It is one of those versatile accessories that we should all have at home. By courtesy of the manufacturer, for a few days we have had the pleasure of checking its performance in the office. We can only be grateful for the opportunity and the trust shown by the company, by temporarily giving us their product. A model that comes to improve what the reference offers VULKKANO Blast+, promising greater power with which to enjoy music. Join us for a closer look at this portable speaker.

Design and construction of the VULKKANO Blast XL portable speaker

The BlastXLfrom VULKKANO, is a speaker designed for users with an active pace of life. A product practical Y resistantwhich uses new technologies to optimize its performance and offer versatility when listening to music.

Presentation of the product

The manufacturer delivers its device with an attractive image. Today packaging plays an important role when it comes to selling any product. And it can be the difference between choosing one brand or another. However, what counts is that it satisfactorily meets the protection and information requirements.


The dust jacket includes a resistant black box where the product awaits

Regarding your product details, Vulkkan it is limited to providing the minimum essential data. We will not find any specification of the speaker on the outside of the box, beyond its power. Where the outstanding thing is in the packaging, since it has a full color dust jacket with an image of the device, and a second box, tremendously resistant, to protect the BlastXL.


The pair of cables and the usage guide that came with the speaker

Accompanying the speaker we find the right thing. namely: a small guide (in Spanish and English), and a couple of cables.

speaker design

The manufacturer’s idea when creating this product is to achieve a device compact, resistant and with a look attractive. The BlastXL wear some rounded shapeswith a predominance of classic black colorplaying mainly with two textures: fabric and rubber.


A robust product with a retro flavor

the speaker of VULKKANO It is just the right size to be apparent but very portable. The weight of this model is 880 gramsand its dimensions 22 x 7.2 x 9.5cm. Base and upper area are made of rubber, which allows a comfortable, soft and safe grip, both in the hand and on the surfaces where it rests. At the same time, it serves to absorb any small shocks or vibrations.


Rubber base that facilitates grip on any surface

All the controls to use the device are in the upper part, integrated in the same rubber material. Note that the product is splash water resistantwhich invites you to enjoy it indoors and outdoors.

Controls and connections

A speaker VULKKANO Blast XL sums up its simplicity of use in the restrained button panel it has. The simple push buttons protrude a few millimeters and mark their function with carved symbols.


A simple and intuitive control panel

In total they are six buttonseasily identifiable by the universal icons. The functions they perform are the following:

  • Turn on, turn off
  • Equalizer / Source Selection
  • Start / Pause / Call management
  • Volume – / Back
  • Volume + / Advance
  • Voice assistant / Disconnect – Forget Bluetooth / Reset the device

The control panel also includes a few small leds. Above the power button a light multicolored points the connection status, font type Y upload progress. up button M there are three lights, which light up depending on the equalization mode selected. On the back of the speaker, hidden under a flexible rubber capthe device connectors are located: a USB-C port (data and charging); connector Jack Y card reader (micro SD).


Connectors add speaker versatility

Features of the VULKKANO Blast XL speaker

The BlastXL is a speaker portable and wireless that uses technology Bluetooth 5.0. It is a valid model for playing music, wirelessly, from a smartphone, pc, laptop or device that has the same wireless connectivity or less. It can also be used connected with USB Cable either Audio Jackand play our favorite songs by inserting a memory card.

Sound quality

One of the attractions of the product is the great sound power it offers. This model roars with 60Wadjustable in 16 volume levels.


Surprisingly powerful sound for its size

The system is made up of a pair of drivers They work in a frequency range of 80Hz to 18KHz. The device fully complies in the section on powerbeing at the highest level really overwhelmingconsidering its size. However, it is not advisable to go to the extreme, since it is appreciated some degree of distortion. In general, the sound is good, although perhaps not too rich in nuance. This can be alleviated somewhat by alternating between the three presets speaker (Pop / Vocal / bass), until we find the most pleasant sound for our sensitivity.

Battery and speaker extras

The device has a rechargeable battery 6,600mAhcapable of offering an autonomy of 8 hoursapproximately. 20 hours in the case of playing with a moderate volume (at 20%). In addition, the VULKKANO Blast XL integrates a microphone which gives it the quality of smart device when accessing the voice assistants of a smartphone. Finally, note that wireless technology TWS included in the BlastXL allows you to pair with a second unit for a 120W surround experience.

Technical specifications of the VULKKANO Blast XL loudspeaker

Below we leave you a summary table with all the technical details of the BlastXL from VULKKANO:

Outstanding qualities
  • Robust and refined design with a retro look
  • USB-C fast charging battery
  • Three equalized modes
  • powerful bass
  • TWS interconnection for surround sound
physical characteristics
Dimensions 220 x 72 x 95mm
Weight 880 grams
Colour Black
  • Plastic
  • Cloth
  • Gum
  • Turn on, turn off
  • Equalization mode / Source selection
  • Play / Pause / Answer / Hang up
  • Volume – / Back
  • Volume + / Advance
  • voice assistant
  • Status (Connection / Source)
  • Selected equalization
Device Bluetooth connectivity
Type 5.0
Scope Up to 18 m (without obstacles)
audio specifications
Sound system DSP
Speakers Double diaphragm φ66MM
maximum power 60W
Frequency range 80Hz~18KHz
Distortion ≤1%
Preset EQ modes
  • Pop (default mode)
  • Vocal
  • bass
Analog audio input Stereo 3.5mm jack
USB ports USB Type-C charging
Others TF cards
Battery Specifications
Ability 6,600mAh / 3.7V
Autonomy Up to 20 hours (at 20% power)
Charging system 5V / 2.1A (USB-C)
Loading time 3.5 hours approx.
Supported Formats FLAC, WAV, WMA, APE and MP3
Additional features
  • Microphone
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • TWS: Wireless connection between two speakers
product content
  • Wireless Speaker
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 3.5mm AUX cable
  • User manual

Conclusions, availability and price of the Blast XL stereo speaker

Keep the speaker handy VULKKANO Blast XL has discovered us an ideal accessory to enjoy our music favorite anywhere. With power to spare and one simplicity extreme of use, he is enough for set our day, and even revolutionize a gathering of friends.

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The VULKKANO Blast XL are ideal to liven up any environment

After thoroughly testing and enjoying the product, the loudspeaker VULKKANO Blast XL we give you the Gizlogic Silver Award.

Gizlogic Awards SILVER

  • Powerful sound.
  • Good connectivity options.
  • Autonomy.
  • Easy to use and transport.

  • Does not include charger.
  • Some slight distortion at full power.

Total score