Vivo Watch 2, new smartwatch with eSIM and up to 7 days of autonomy

vivo watch 2 nuevo smartwatch con esim y hasta 7 dias de autonomia.jpg
vivo watch 2 nuevo smartwatch con esim y hasta 7 dias de autonomia.jpg

To replace the previous 2020 model, Vivo has presented its new smartwatch, called as Live Watch 2. Its characteristics are extremely interesting and its best cover letter.

We start with its design, this It is quite polished and in the shape of a rounded sphere, they adorn two side buttons ready for maneuvers. However, the case is not everything, the truly striking thing about the Vivo Watch is hidden inside and now we reveal it to you.

First of all, it has a 1.39-inch diagonal circular AMOLED display on the 46-millimeter model and 1.19-inch diagonal on the 42-millimeter case. This box is 316L stainless steel and it is protected against dust and water, as we already told you, it can withstand up to 50 atmospheres of pressure under water.

Features of the vivo Watch 2

Features of the vivo Watch 2

The Vivo Watch 2 comes with microphone and speaker included, but more importantly, it has eSIM support. The latter makes it possible to answer calls with him. The battery for its part has to seven days of autonomy If we connect its eSim card and it is used as a mobile phone on the wrist, with this deactivated the autonomy is doubled.

Now something is also exceptional, its software is designed to allow multitude of sports modes and to connect with emergency services; a function that can be very useful to us. This includes communication with firefighters, paramedics, and even the police.

Live Watch 2

The Vivo Watch also brings its own In the health section, it presents, for example, an innovative cardiopulmonary analysis technology intended to measure sleep and other bodily functions. Equally, facilitates the Sp02 measurement oxygen in the blood, stress and other vital levels. As if that were not enough, it will remind us of something that we forget very often, drinking water regularly.

Availability and price

The watch for now has no price on the European Vivo website, although if it is referenced what makes it possible to presume that it will soon arrive in Europe; probably next year.

What is known is that it will arrive in two sizes, 46 and 42 millimeters, in three stylish box colors; black, silver and white. As a plus, it comes with interchangeable silicone or leather straps according to taste. For price and launch date we recommend you to be attentive to future publications.

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