Twitter Spaces begins to be tested on Android mobiles

twitter spaces
twitter spaces

The large social networks are aware of the new platforms, do not take away their prominence , often copying or “taking inspiration” from the fresh proposals that generate interest in users. Just as Instagram once took over Snapchat stories, now Twitter Spaces is the new alternative to Clubhouse.

Twitter Spaces is not a novelty in itself, since it had been officially introduced last December as a new way to communicate in real time on your social network. The feature makes it easy for users to generate live audio conversations that are moderated by a room creator . The news is at the beginning of its tests on the android operating system.

Twitter Spaces begins its expansion to Android

Twitter Spaces

Twitter Spaces currently has few functions enabled

Just as Clubhouse is gaining space in the market by focusing solely on real-time audio conversations, now Twitter will allow something similar. Users will be able to visualize a purple aura on the Fleets line and click on it to join.

Likewise, the creators of the rooms will be able to invite their followers to join a conversation through a traditional link that is shared through a private message or in a tweet.

Some of the possibilities offered by Twitter Spaces is the use of emojis to send reactions, in addition to seeing subtitles or receiving invitations to be able to speak in a specific space. In future updates, new facilities are promised such as knowing who is in your space and assigning a name or title to said space.

Spaces has been available for testing on iOS for a few weeks but in a limited way, something that will also be repeated initially on Android with users who are part of the beta of the application. It is expected that with the passage of weeks / months this novelty will begin to expand globally until it reaches the entire community of the social network.