TRONXY Gemini XS Dual Extrusion Idex Printer with Good Price

tronxy gemini xs destacada.jpg
tronxy gemini xs destacada.jpg

The TRONXY gemini XS It is an Idex-type 3D printer with a very competitive price. For those not in the know, Idex means that it has two independent extruders, each with its own print head and fuser, which opens up a whole realm of possibilities, such as dual color printing and mirror mode, that’s for sure. not to mention two prints at the same time. With that said, the machine offers a 255 x 255 x 260 build volume coupled with ample filament support.

Technical specifications of the TRONXY Gemini XS

Brand tronxy
Model TRONXY Gemini XS
Technology Fused deposition modeling
Year 2022
assembly DIY
mechanical layout Core XYZ
filament diameter 1.75mm
print speed 20-150mm/s (60mm/s is suggested)
Third Party Filament Yes
Filament materials PVA, PLA, TPU, ABS, PETG, PA, etc.
Printing area 255x255x260mm
Max nozzle temperature 275°C
Maximum hot bed temperature 110°C
connectivity SD/USB Card, USB Drive
cutting software Tronxy, Cure, Simplify 3D
print recovery Yes
Frame dimensions 62 x 50 x 22.5cm
Weight 11.8Kg
Accessories included TRONXY Gemini XS 3D Printer, Toolkit and other accessories, User Manual, two spools of sample filament, SD card, USB adapter, PEI build surface.

design and features

The TRONXY Gemini XS is a robust 3D printer with a solid base that encapsulates all the electronics and the power supply. On the same mounts a portico that certainly differs from the competition due to the presence of two extrudersas well as a pair of filament spool holders and iron sheets on each side.

As you might expect, this makes the TRONXY Gemini XS a bulkier machine than average (617 x 415 x 560mm), but it’s not very heavy (11.8Kg).

TRONXY Gemini XS - Design

Naturally, it is a printer that is shipped disassembled, but setting it up is not very complicated. In short, the process is divided into 5 steps, with the first being to mount the Z gantry on the base and fix it using the 8 M4*10 screws provided with the purchase. Third, you have to install the limit switches on each side. The fourth step is to install the filament holders and iron sheets. Finally, the printing surface is placed on the heated bed.

Speaking of the latter, it is a magnetic and flexible PEI sheetwhich guarantees good adherence of the figures when hot, but easy removal when cold.

TRONXY Gemini XS - Details

In another order of ideas, X axis adopts double axis metal guide railwhich runs stably and smoothly, which improves the printing precision.

Finally, in the front part we get a color touch screen that allows us to operate the printer without the need to have a connected computer. The user interface is intuitive, easy to use, very complete in options and it is also available in Spanish, so there are no complaints.


3D printing and features

The TRONXY Gemini XS is not just any printer, as we mentioned at the beginning, its main advantage is having two extruders, Titan type, it is possible to delimit; therefore, you can work on two different prints at the same time, as well as print in dual color and even dual media. Additionally, it can print with mirror mode, which is useful if we want to print identical but inverted objects, such as a pair of hands, shoes and so on.

That being said, the printer can work at a maximum speed of 150mm/s and offers print volume of 255x255x260mmfigures that do not impress in the least in this price range.

TRONXY Gemini XS - 3D Printing

As you’d expect from any self-respecting 3D printer, the Gemini XS can resume work on half-finished prints in the event of a power outage, and it also has a filament sensor to alert the user if there’s a problem with the 3D printer. supply thereof.

As if that were not enough, it boasts an unusual nozzle cleaning feature. In this regard, the machine is equipped with a pair of cleaning iron sheets on each sidewhich help prevent filament overflow during printing.

TRONXY Gemini XS - Other Features

With all that said, the presence of two extruders certainly makes setting up and calibrating the printer more complex; and it is for this reason that we can’t really recommend the TRONXY Gemini XS to users who are just dipping their heels into this hobby. For first-time users who want something with similar features and greater ease of use, we can highly recommend the Tronxy XY-3 SE.

However, for us what really detracts from the proposal is not how complicated its use can be, but rather the no automatic leveling.

Connectivity and software

The TRONXY Gemini XS has a classic USB-B port to connect to the computer, but in addition to that, it includes one type A to print from USB flash drives. Similarly, it has an SD card slot in case the user prefers that method.

TRONXY Gemini XS - Connectivity

In terms of software, it is compatible with typical cutting applications Ultimaker Cura and Simplify3Dalthough be careful, you will have to configure the printing profiles manually.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is a open source printerso if you have the necessary knowledge and an improvement plan, there is nothing to stop you.

Availability and price of the TRONXY Gemini XS

Those interested in this 3D printer with double extruder will be able to get it for sale on with European shipping. Likewise, it is available for your buy on AliExpress using this link. As always, we suggest consulting both offers before making a final decision.


  • double extrusion system
  • Good price
  • easy to put together
  • Removable PEI printing surface


  • Does not have automatic leveling
  • It is not a printer suitable for beginners
  • Mediocre build volume

Total score