Top searches in Google in 2021: these doubts we have had this year

top searches in google in 2021 these doubts we have had this year
top searches in google in 2021 these doubts we have had this year

Resorting to google-workers-who-are-not-vaccinated-against-covid-will-be-fired/">Google to try to get an answer to our questions is increasingly common. And you just have to see what the most common questions have been in the search engine in the year that we have just left behind. If you want to know which ones have been our why or how, this curious list of searches on Google in 2021 will surprise you … and perhaps it will awaken you a new question that, perhaps, you had not asked yourself until now.

This has been the top of Google searches in 2021

General searches:

  1. Time tomorrow
  2. Eurocup
  3. The league
  4. Real Madrid
  5. Roland Garros
  6. La Palma volcano
  7. Bonoloto
  8. Mbappe
  9. Atlético de Madrid
  10. NBA


  1. Mbappe
  2. Eriksen
  3. Rafael Nadal
  4. Carlos Alcaraz placeholder image
  5. Ana Peleteiro
  6. Paula Badosa
  7. Dani Olmo
  8. Simone biles
  9. Unai Simon
  10. Xavi

Film and TV

  1. Tokyvideo
  2. Survivors
  3. Love is in the air
  4. The Island of Temptations
  5. The Squid Game
  6. Secret story
  7. The last temptation
  8. Mask singer
  9. The Bridgertons
  10. Eternals


  1. What is the name of Thor’s hammer
  2. How to know if I am delinquent
  3. How are Madrid going
  4. How is Spain going
  5. What is the name of the Acacia flower
  6. How are the elections going in Madrid?
  7. How to get the covid passport
  8. How a giraffe sleeps
  9. What is the name of the olive flower
  10. How to make bread


  1. When does Spain play
  2. When is Black Friday
  3. When is my time to get vaccinated?
  4. When does Madrid play
  5. When it’s holy week
  6. When does WhatsApp come back
  7. When does Barcelona play
  8. When the Olympics start
  9. When is carnival
  10. When does FIFA 22 come out


  1. Why does a volcano erupt
  2. Why does the light go up
  3. Why is messi leaving
  4. Why Melendi is not in La Voz
  5. Why does the arm hurt from the vaccine
  6. Why Cat was crazy in Victorious
  7. Why is Women’s Day celebrated
  8. Why am I closing my applications?
  9. Why do cats purr
  10. Why are there so many earthquakes in Granada

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