Tiswall cleaning brush, we tested the reference QXJ-M1

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The tiswall cleaning brush is a tool designed to help us in the cleanup of home. With the aim of facilitating a tedious job, it manages to make a radical change to the traditional method, saving us fatigue. The manufacturer has kindly given us the product, which we appreciate, to discover the true performance of this household aid. Its applications are very different from that of a vacuum cleaner, such as the Proscenic P11but it assures us efficiency and flexibility very interesting for deep clean. You are invited to continue reading the reviewyou will know the qualities, and our experience of use, of the cleaning brush QXJ-M1 from tiswall.

Presentation and design of the Tiswall cleaning brush

The model QXJ-M1of the company tiswallrefers to a practical utensil of cleaning for the House. It is a powerful electric brushwhose design portable and use Without cable It allows you to do deep work in a very comfortable way. The manufacturer promises a really useful device easywhich when accompanied by assorted accessories allows us to adapt it to any situation that may arise.

The presentation of the product could not be more sober and classic. The device arrives in a large rectangular cardboard box, whose design simply fulfills the task of protecting it. A fairly schematic illustration of the device should suffice to get an idea of ​​the model. Just as simple as the aesthetics of the package is its opening. We just have to cut some adhesive seals and remove some tabs.

Tiswall cleaning brush

The accessories that accompany the product

Inside we find the electric brush accompanied by the necessary accessories for its use. Also included is a Handbook, which is not in Spanish (but can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website). The tiswall cleaning brush comes with four heads cleaning; a USB Cable, for battery charging; and a hook to hang the device when we are not using it.

QXJ-M1 brush design

The QXJ-M1 presents a good finishbasically in color Whitealthough some alive in tone Gray adorn the aseptic aspect of the product. It has a shape similar to that of a vacuum cleaner or broom, although more compact in size. Which induces a much more manageable feeling.

Tiswall cleaning brush

Power button and battery level indicator lights

This device weighs approximately 1 kilogramwhose folded measurements are 68x7cm. The brush handle is extensible, since by pressing some pushbuttons arranged laterally, the bar is lengthened by more than 100 cm. The outside of the device is plastic.

It is a device that works wirelessly, that is, it does not have any power cable attached in a fixed way. The brush incorporates a internal batterywhich we are going to recharge whenever necessary through the micro usb porthidden under a silicone plug on the front of the handle.

Tiswall cleaning brush

USB port to recharge the battery

The extreme simplicity of the apparatus is exposed by the single button what it needs to work. On this button, you can see three small indicator ledswhich light up to inform us of the status of the QXJ-M1.

Technical details of Tiswall cleaning brush

The cleaning brush QXJ-M1 It is a domestic cleaning tool that offers great autonomy. This cordless and portable brush has a battery of 4,000mAh. With it he is able to function until 180 minutes. Recharging it completely will take us a maximum of 4 hours.

power and durability

the engine of the QXJ-M1 It has been optimized to perform efficient work on all types of surfaces. reaches a speed of 300RPMable to remove stubborn stains and more rebellious. upgraded to 12Aprolongs the useful life of the device, avoiding stress damage to the motor due to its resistant level of torque of 60kg.

Tiswall cleaning brush

300 RPM and interchangeable heads

The guarantee of its hardness are the materials used for the construction of the motor, which allows the device to continue working when other models slow down and even stop rotation. The internal structure of the device is metallicto ensure endurance under high usage conditions. Pressure.

Tiswall cleaning brush operation

We will have the brush ready tiswall to work almost instantly out of the box. If it is not necessary to charge the battery for the first time, as has been our case because after unpacking the product we have verified that it was 100% full, it can be cleaned in seconds. You just have to invest a few seconds in choosing the head that best suits our objective, and press the power button. The leds mark the remaining battery level (30% / 80% / 100%). The brush does not have power or speed regulation, so you only have to apply it to the area to be cleaned.

Tiswall cleaning brush

Adjustable angle from 0 to 80 °

Easy and comfortable cleaning

With the device’s adjustment options, virtually any zone can be accessed. The handle can be stretched up to 110 cm in lengthstarting from the 70cm base. In addition, the head can adopt a angle between 0 and 80ºso that we do not have to make efforts or turn around in awkward positions when cleaning.

Tiswall cleaning brush

Splash and water resistant

And don’t forget the protection of the device against water, an essential aspect for a device that interacts directly with that liquid. The front of the brush is submersiblewhile its handle is shatter-proof certified splashes.

Technical specifications of the Tiswall cleaning brush

In the following table we detail all the characteristics of the QXJ-M1:

Tiswall QXJ-M1 Cleaning Brush
Dimensions 68 x 7 x 7 cm (extendable to 110 cm length)
Weight 1 Kg approx.
Colour White
Materials ABS plastic and metal
Others Adjustable angle from 0º to 80º
engine characteristics
torque 60kg
Speed 300RPM
Noise <70dB
Cleaning Brush Features
Design Wireless and portable
  • Large areas: bathroom, floor, wall, ceiling
  • Corners: tile joints, kitchen, gas stoves
  • sink, shower
  • oven, extractor hood
  • IPX7 (front part submersible in water)
  • IPX4 (handle splash proof)
Guy Lithium
Ability 4,000mAh
Autonomy up to 180 minutes
Loading time 3 – 4 hours
Protections short circuit and overload
Indicators and control
  • On off
  • Telescopic arm lock
Information 3 LEDS Status and charge level indicators
Box contents
  • electric cleaning brush
  • 4 interchangeable heads:
    • big plane
    • Conical
    • Round
    • Flat
  • USB Cable
  • Hook to hang the brush
  • Manual

Conclusions about the Tiswall QXJ-M1 cleaning brush

The cleaning brush QXJ-M1available at the best price in the Tiswall’s websiteis a great complement to deep clean and access complicated areas. The excellent performance of the product allows to remove even the most resistant stains. Also, thanks to the variety of accessoriesand the flexibility of the device itself, it adapts perfectly to the work that we are going to carry out. The best thing is that we won’t have to do no effort to leave surfaces with a flawless look.

Tiswall cleaning brush

Effortless deep cleaning

The proof of tiswall cleaning brush has shown us the effectiveness of a really useful product for cleanupfor this reason we grant our gold award.

Giz Awards 2018

  • Easy to use.
  • Multi-purpose accessories.

  • Does not include charger.

Total score