This is the new Ikea wireless charger that is hitting it

cargador inalambrico de ikea.jpg
cargador inalambrico de ikea.jpg

Ikea presented a few weeks ago a gadget as original as it is useful. Its about ikea wireless charger able to turn any table into a charging point. Its operation is extremely simple and works on any surface. The only requirement is that it is not too thick.

Ikea wireless charger features

Ikea’s new wireless charger is named Sjömärke (now pronounce it out loud) and it is a small device that is placed under the table, being hidden from view but still functional. We will only have to put the phone on the table and it will start to charge.

To ensure that it will work perfectly, the Swedish giant recommends that the surface be wooden or plastic and that the thickness of the table is 9.5 and 22 mm. You choose the type of table: desk, bedside table, coffee table, even on the kitchen table. If you meet those requirements, Ikea doesn’t care where you put it. The loading speed that it will give you is 5W and it has LED so we know if it is charging or not. One of its main advantages is that it will help you keep your space free from visible cables, the great pending issue of technology.

ikea wireless charger 2

You can fix it with screws or double-sided tape. This is included in the pack, in addition to the power cable (with a length of 1.8 m) and stickers so that we know exactly where the charge is.

Availability and price

For the moment we do not have it available in Spain, but it is expected to arrive soon. Meanwhile, we can take the price in the American store as a reference, $ 39.99. To make it more convenient for you to look for it, its reference is the 805.127.18.

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