The story of the “thieves” of 4.5 billion euros in bitcoins

heather morgan bitcoin.jpg
heather morgan bitcoin.jpg

Generally, the world of cryptocurrencies boasts of offering high levels of security for owners of virtual wallets, although this does not mean that they are not exempt from cases of massive hacking and this was the case during 2016 with almost 120 thousand stolen bitcoins. Today the owners of that money have been found and await their sentencing on money laundering charges.

Heather Morgana better dedicated to digital marketing and even with a past intention of becoming a rapper (self-styled as “the crocodile of Wall Street”) and her husband Ilya Lichtenstein have been caught trying to launder part of their more than 4.5 billion euros in bitcoins over the past few years.

More than five years to find the stolen bitcoins

Heather Morgan

Heather Morgan had a failed attempt as a rapper

The story moves to 2016 when the company Bitfinex, based in Hong Kong, was one of the leading cryptocurrency trading laptops. In August their systems were victims of a massive hack that represented the loss of 119,756 bitcoinswhich was equivalent at the time to 59 million euros but today, after breaking the valuation record in 2020means having in possession more than 4500 million euros.

Without knowing yet the reasons why the Ilya Lichtenstein and Heather Morgan couple ended up with all that virtual money in their accounts (according to the investigation they could not be directly responsible for the Bitfinex hack), They have been found during the last five years laundering more than 25,000 bitcoins to transfer them to their bank accounts.

Once your actions are detected, the federal agents in charge of the case obtained a court order which allowed them to recover the private keys of the wallet where no less than 94 thousand bitcoins were found available and that today are equivalent to 3,581 million euros.

What is known about these particular characters is that Ilya Lichtenstein has had a career as a technology entrepreneur and called himself a “venture capitalist”, while Heather Morgan created an email marketing company called Salesfolk and she even pursued a career as a rapper by the name of Razzlekhan (He has currently deleted his videos from his YouTube channel).

At the moment it is expected what will happen to that amount recovered, but the logical thing would be for the judge to order the return of the money to its former owners. For this couple, they await the trial at their home in a luxurious New York building, where they have been allowed to stay. after the payment of a bail of eight million dollars and could have a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison for money laundering and conspiracy.

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