The new Apple Watch is already proving its effectiveness against falls

Apple Watch Series 4 1.jpg
Apple Watch Series 4 1.jpg

He Apple Watch Series 4 was one of the most lauded products in the Cupertino firm’s latest keynote, especially for its innovations in healthcare. One of the most attractive is the fall detection. Although at first we may think that this is more focused on an elderly audience, the truth is that any of us can suffer an accidental fall with serious consequences. And if not, let them tell a man in Sweden, one of the first to prove that, indeed, the fall detection of the new Apple Watch Series 4 works perfectly.

This is how the fall detection of the new Apple Watch works in a real case

How to test the Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection? Nobody wants to take a hit and drop to the ground to see that it works well. However, in Sweden, Gustavo Rodríguez, a 34-year-old man, has verified it for himself. He was in the kitchen when, without apparent explanation, a back pain knocked him to the floor. With the strong pain in his lower back and unable to get up, he checked on his wrist that fall detection had been activated on your Apple Watch Series 4. Fortunately, the man was conscious and could call a family member from the watch itself, without even having the mobile in the same room.

apple watch series 4 falls

This is how the Apple Watch Series 4 fall detection system works

How to activate fall detection on Apple Watch Series 4?

This very practical function is automatically active for users over 65, but you can activate it manually if you are younger. When the watch detects a fall, it alerts you through vibrations and asks if you are okay. In case of not answering, the watch would call the emergency services.

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