The Google Clock receives a new design and widgets in its version 7.1

the google clock receives
the google clock receives

In addition to what was seen in September, in which the Google Clock application released a new interface and widgets, now its version 7.1 update also lands on Wear Os and widgets are added in Android 12. So the news is that Google’s clocks will look renewed by releasing, among other things, the alarm and timer app. In addition to the above, it was known that Google Clock is now using Design material in the interface for clocks, making these look more refreshed.

Regarding the new widgets for the clock, highlights the review of a new stopwatch widgetFor example, there are four designs for the analog clock and the digital ones come in two different versions: one with a solid background and the other with a transparent background; in this way, a range of options is opened to customize our home screen.

It should be noted that when you press and hold a widget, a pencil icon is displayed in the lower right corner that allows you to quickly edit the style.

Notable improvements to the Google Clock

However it may be, the fact of being able to put a digital or an analog clock on the desks and configure alarms already counts as gain, Being able to choose between solid and transparent widgets also adds. Now we just need to see how the update is executed, for now it is certain that it will be sent through the Google store. However, there are reports of some users presenting problems to activate it, which apparently is due to communication problems with the server.

The problem referred to is similar to the one that was already presented with Google Maps, and it is a matter of time before all Google Clock users are enjoying all the news that comes with the update.