The casualties continue in the MWC 2021, putting its celebration in check

mwc 2021
mwc 2021

The GSMA have already set a date for the celebration of MWC 2021 and have even made public what their policy will be to protect the health of attendees and, therefore, the rest of society. However, the organizer alone is not the one who can decide if the congress is finally held or not, since a Mobile World Congress without participants is nothing.

casualties at MWC 2021: every day a new name

In recent days we are experiencing a continuous deja-vu of what were the months of January and February 2020. At that time, the organization of the event decided to cancel it until 2021, which to all of us sounded like a moment in which the waters they would have already returned to their course. But this has not been the case and the celebration of an event of such magnitude raises even more doubts than at that time, when ignorance was the one that marked the decisions of most of us.

mwc 2021

After the losses of  Ericsson, Nokia and Sony , we now have three other names on the table who have already announced that they will not attend their annual appointment in Barcelona. Facebook, Oracle and Dolby are the new protagonists of a story that seems to continue to be repeated day by day.

The importance of these decisions lies in the fact that the withdrawal of companies not only influences them, but could lead the organizer to cancel a congress again due to lack of participants. However, names as strong as  Qualcomm have confirmed that, for now, their intention is to be next June 28 in Barcelona.

The intentions of the GSMA is to celebrate a  hybrid event  (physical and virtual) something that could mark not only this MWC 2021, but also the next editions.