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The Apple Watch could have a band that changes color

In this crazy world, few things manage to surprise us anymore. but a new patent apple has achieved it. Or, at least, it has aroused our interest. And it is that soon we could have one on our wrist color changing strap for Apple Watch. This is what we know about her.

How could this color-changing band for the Apple Watch work?

Do you remember those rings that we had in childhood and that change color in a “magical” way according to our mood? As adults we already understood that the color change was due to the temperature of the skin, but it was nice to dream of such an empathic effect.

In this case, it doesn’t work exactly like that, technology has evolved a lot (for the better) and our multicolor strap for Apple Watch it would work differently. Apparently, as we see in this patent, it would make use of electrochromia through some filaments that we can customize from watchOS. Just as we can customize the dial, we could also access a menu for this strap that changes color.

patent color changing strap

And what use is this? Two come to mind: not having to have many straps of different colors (with the expense that this can entail, especially if we buy original ones) and changing the color at any time to match the clothes.

When will this original accessory be available?

Unfortunately, we do not have this information, in fact, as we told you, it is still as a patent. That is, Apple has registered the idea, but it is possible that it will never be carried out. If it does, we’d love for it to come with the next Apple Watch, which could be released as early as September.

It would undoubtedly be one of the great novelties of the Apple watch.

Via | Apple Insider

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