The Apple Pencil would renew its style with a built-in camera and other improvements

el apple pencil renovaria su estilo con camara incorporada y otras innovaciones.jpg
el apple pencil renovaria su estilo con camara incorporada y otras innovaciones.jpg

The iPad accessory known as apple pencil, is ready to come out of its lethargy after several years without receiving news. However, the information available places this project in its initial phase.

The plan that, if true, would remove this useful tool from its ostracism, is related to a patent application that rests in the United States Patent Office. It refers to an ‘alleged’ Apple Pencil under the description of an accessory with a pencil tip, which would have an optical sensor or camera built into one of its ends.

The interesting thing about the information is that there are even photos of the plans with the designs of the Apple Pencil with its obvious improvements. Additionally, the experts have already ventured to anticipate what would be the new functions that the device would fulfill.

The Apple Pencil in the best Hollywood style

The Apple Pencil in the best Hollywood style

For example, it is claimed that the optical sensors will use the software to identify the texture and color of a certain surface. This function would be quite useful when making designs in which visual information of real objects is required.

Another use that could be given to this Apple Pencil innovation is to capture the parameters of some surfaces which would provide the user with more accurate information and possibly in less time.

But, there is more, since Patenlyapple, has described this accessory as a sensor equipped with a light emitter. This one has an adjustable spectrum that will greatly improve color capture from where it is required. In fact, they give more technical information in the following terms: “An inertial measurement unit can be used to measure the angular orientation between the stylus and an external object during color measurements.”

The truth is that the information goes as far as there is no clue as to a possible release date for this Apple Pencil, or if such a design will ever see the light of day. What is clear is that at least the expectation has already been generated.