Teufel Stereo M, analysis of this set of speakers

teufel stereo m.jpg
teufel stereo m.jpg

We present you the speakers teufel stereo Msome bookshelf speakers that are considered within the high-end. They provide us with a sound experience of high resolution with power and clarity. They have a three way systema high-end coaxial driver and a powerful power amplifier.

Earlier we talked about the Teufel Radio 3SIXTYbut we want you to know more about the brand in this review of the Teufel Stereo M.

Elegant and minimalist design

First of all, the Teufel Stereo M speakers have a very aesthetic carein fact you can find them in finished white and black. On the other hand, despite being bookshelf speakers, they have a relatively light weight of 10.5kg each speaker, in addition its size is 21 x 43 x 27cm, therefore they don’t get too bulky visually either. But they may seem a bit big to you if you want them to be used as PC or laptop speakers, although of course, they are still a very good option if your priority is to get good sound quality. On the other hand, it is important to note that they have a construction solid and robustand its non-slip rubber feet They help us take care of the surface where we place them.

Speaker with elegant and minimalist design

Technical characteristics of the Teufel Stereo M speakers

Teufel Stereo M
equalization slots 1
detachable front cover Yeah
shell material mdf
electrostatic shielding Yeah
Tweeter (diameter) 25mm
Tweeter (material) Tissue
Midrange Driver (Diameter) 130mm
Midrange Driver (Material) Aluminum
Dimensions / weight per unit 210 x 430 x 270mm / 10.5kg
Woofers (diameter) 150mm
Woofers (material) Carbon
Frequency range from – to 40 – 22000Hz
maximum sound pressure level 109dB/1m
Acoustic principle 3 way system
shell design bass reflex
  • XLR connector
  • AUX
  • RCA stereo audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • usb2.0
  • LAN
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac
Box contents
  • Passive Speaker x 1
  • Active Speaker x 1
  • Special connection cable 5m for Stereo L x 1
  • AC/DC adapter for Teufel Stereo M/L x 1
Teufel Stereo M

The reason that the Teufel Stereo M provide us with those treble so elegant with hardly any distortion, whether we use them at a high or low volume, it is because they have some tweeter especially large unlike other speakers of similar size. In this way they achieve that the range of their sound waves is more broad and homogeneous. Just like having some woofer manufactured in carbon and giving it the shape of a Wok results in some serious with high definition and deep.

Types of connections

These speakers of teufel They offer us different and practical connection options for our comfort. we have connection of stereo analog input to connect, among others, an MP3 player, a CD player, a headphone output, etc.

It also has a connection via bluetooththerefore you can stream music wireless from your PC, laptop, smartphone or iOS or MAC-OS devices to the Teufel Stereo M speaker. It is also important to note that thanks to their fast synchronization, they are excellent for reproducing the sound of videos.

In addition to all this, it also provides us with a slot for connection to Ethernet (LAN) and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n/ac.

Teufel Stereo M


Teufel Stereo M speakers work for system with Android in addition to iOSwhether it’s iPhone or iPad. It also gives us the facility of being able to combine them with Amazon Echo devices and either through bluetooth or through wire they can be combined with existing Google Nest (Google Home) devices.


The Teufel Stereo M can be connected to your smartphone or to you virtual assistant so that almost without using your hands you can activate them and you can enjoy their sound without worrying about anything else.

Certainly the Teufel Stereo M are easy to use and set up speakers. You just have to connect them to the electrical current and follow the steps to connect them to the WiFi network and access the services of streaming and to the multiroom system. They can also be matched by Bluetooth with any compatible device. In any case, if you are more analog you can also use the control panel which is located in the lower part of its front since it is placed in an area with very easy access to control playback, volume and favorite stations or playlists.

In short, these are very intuitive speakers that adapt to your preferences and comforts.

Teufel Stereo M

We have found them in Teufel online store.

We grant them the Golden Giz Award.

gold giz award

  • good sound power
  • Good connectivity options (can be used via cable or Bluetooth/WiFi)
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • They only work connected to the electrical network
  • quite bulky
  • High price
  • very sober design
Total score