Tesla Wireless Charging Platform, Tesla charger for three devices

tesla wireless charging platform 5.jpg
tesla wireless charging platform 5.jpg

We all remember the extinct AirPower, one of the most anticipated Apple accessories that never saw the light of day. With it, the Cupertino manufacturer promised us that we could charge our AirPods, Apple Watch and Apple Watch with a single charger. The idea did not come to fruition for different reasons, but it seems that tesla he wanted to take over with his Tesla Wireless charging platform.

Technical characteristics of the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

The Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is a charging base with capacity to charge up to three devices at the same time. It will not be cheap, but it does offer a quality alternative for those who demand this type of product. It’s compatible with three devices with simultaneous Qi charging.

Its design is inspired by cyber truck and has an outer part of aluminum and an area of velvety where we can place our devices. In addition, it also offers a Magnetic support so that we can place it on different surfaces.

Inside, it offers the FreePower technologyresponsible for allowing us to charge three simultaneous devices with Qi technology.

The exeption…

If you are well versed in the subject, you will know that one of the reasons for the failure of AirPower was that the Apple Watch requires a coil slightly larger than that used by other devices. Tesla has ignored this, so its charger is going to come to light, but it will not have compatibility with Apple Watch. Therefore we can charge almost any device that is compatible with Qi technology, but we will not be able to charge the Apple watch.

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform 5

When will it be available?

It will go on sale in February 2023 for an official price of 300 dollars. Availability can be checked in the company’s own online store, where the product page is already enabled.

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