Studying Microinformatics, a highly demanded professional opportunity

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estudiar microinformatica.jpg

There is no doubt that one should look for a profession that is his dream or what he always wanted to do, because in the end we will dedicate many hours of our future life to it. However, it cannot be denied that the labor and productive possibilities that some branches offer us are greater than others, so it is not surprising that it is taken as a key element to consider and thus decisions such as study microinformatics

One of the disciplines with the greatest job potential today corresponds to what is officially called Technician in microcomputer systems and networks. Broadly speaking, it is a intermediate training cycle in the world of computing which is necessary in the vast majority of private and public companiesas well as allowing many students to develop their own personal entrepreneurship.

The advantages of studying Microinformatics


Medac has an excellent microcomputer and network technician course

In the first instance, it must be made clear that this branch is not only developed in the majority of study centers throughout Spain, but also offers a 100% official title granted by none other than the Ministry of National Education. For example, in Mediac has a complete program with a duration of approximately 2 thousand hours At the same time, it gives authorization for future higher degrees in case you want to specialize even more in the world of computing.

The final result will be none other than having advanced knowledge in different areas such as repairing systems, networks and equipment, something that is currently used by almost any business production process as well as smaller ventures in homes. This means a Quick exit to the labor market with constant searches to fill jobs.

The possibilities that study microinformatics officially includes a first contact with a study methodology focused on practice, where you learn by doing but at the same time you receive training from experts. Even, there are stages of training in workplaces that will allow you to experience what your working life will be like once you have completed the course.

Besides, One of the advantages of beginning this study process is that you do not have to meet large prerequisitesonly have an ESO, Baccalaureate, COU, BUP degree or an equivalent or higher accreditation at an academic level, or failing that, a Basic Vocational Training degree, Auxiliary Technician or have completed the mandatory modules of a Qualification Program Initial Professional (PCPI).

Finally, if you wonder What type of job positions in a company can you cover from this course, the options are multiple and they range from a computer equipment installer-repairer, system operator, computer support technician, microcomputer salesperson, microcomputer system peripheral repairer, data network technician and even telecare operator.

And you, what are you waiting for to start studying microinformatics?