SPC TITAN, a classic mobile phone from the old days

spc titan.jpg
spc titan.jpg

Previously we have been able to meet some phone proposals from the manufacturer SPC that stands out not only for its price below the line of 50 euros but also because of its classic features and no support for internet connectivity, Apps or other smart features. Today is the turn to highlight another of them under the name of SPC titan.

SPC TITAN is an entry-level phone that allows us to return to the early days of mobile devices from a design with a lid and physical buttons. Thank you to your larger than average dimensions as well as large text and remote configuration capabilityits use can be ideal for older adults or people with visual limitations.

Features of SPC TITAN

Official site SPC
Dimensions 103 x 51 x 18mm
Weight 98 grams
Colors Black
display technology IPS
Dimension 2.2 inches
Resolution 240 x 320 pixels
multi-touch Nope
Technologies / Bands GSM850/900/1800/1900
SIM type Dual-SIM
Resolution 0.08MP
secondary camera Nope
Maker Unknown
Ability 800mAh
Fast charge Nope
connection ports
loading port USB-C
Headphones Yes
Wifi Nope
Bluetooth Yes
gps Nope
NFC Nope
Other features
Spanish Language Yes
Additional functions Remote configuration, 2 direct memories, ringer with intelligent volume adjustment and automatic notifications to emergency contacts, flashlight, calendar for 500 contacts, audio and vibration profiles, FM radio
Box contents spc phone
charger base
USB Type-C connector
User manual

A design from decades past


SPC TITAN is really small when closed

Although it is no longer used in the market, the flip phone concept is remembered positively among the user community thanks to its compact dimensions and comfortable operation, as it is capable of being configured so that when the lid is opened a call is answered directly (and when closing it the call will be cut automatically).

As seen in the images, SPC TITAN incorporates large buttons and keys with an alphanumeric format so that the user can quickly recognize them without any effort, while on its side there is also a button specially dedicated to activating the flashlight.

In conclusion, The mobile comes with a 2.2-inch screen with a native resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. which includes color but not touch capabilities. Its navigation menu is reduced to the maximum simplicity so that people with little knowledge can still carry out the most important actions such as making and answering a call or reading a message.

Inclusion of additional facilities


SPC TITAN is a cheap model for parents and grandparents

One of the distinctive details of the SPC proposal consists of the facility to configure phone settings remotely. By giving one of your trusted contacts permission, they can send certain codes via SMS message that forces the phone to raise the volume to the maximum or add new contacts to the agenda, among other examples.

As if this were not enough, the mobile is capable of memorizing two numbers that are commonly used on two of its direct memory keys. With this, it is only necessary to press the corresponding physical button to enter into communication. also missing availability of FM radio tuning, a simple VGA-quality camera, and built-in Bluetooth connectivityalthough there is no support for Wi-Fi or Apps like WhatsApp (as they are found in the SPC Jasper model).

Finally, to forget about cable problems SPC TITAN arrives with a reversible USB Type-C connector which makes it easier for older adults to find the correct insertion position when recharging its 800 mAh capacity battery.

Availability and price of SPC TITAN

For buy the SPC TITAN it is possible to do it from Amazon with units in stockor alternatively from PC components with an affordable price, MediaMarkt with shipments within Spain or finally acquire it from the Worten store.

  • Compact design and comfortable to use
  • Buttons and large text for older adults
  • Allows remote configuration
  • Its battery lasts several days before needing a recharge
  • No internet connectivity or Apps available
  • Very poor camera quality