SPC LARES 360, the ideal camera to never lose sight of the home

SPC is a Spanish technology brand with a long history in the market, and not long ago we analyzed its commitment to a smartphone for older adults, the SPC Zeus 4G Pro, but it turns out and happens that the company also doubles in the field of Smart Home, with products such as IP surveillance cameras to serve that sector. In this sense, the new SPC lares 360 It is a perfect example of the aforementioned and today we are going to investigate its proposal.

Technical characteristics of the SPC LARES 360

Brand SPC
Model lares 360
video resolution 1920×1080
photo format JPG
storage type SD memory card up to 128GB
charger method USB port
battery time has no battery
Functions Night vision, two-way audio, PTZ technology, motion detector.
Size 77 x 77 x 120mm
Weight 40 grams
Package content SPC Lares 360 smart security camera, USB cable, power adapter and quick guide.

This is the SPC LARES 360

In terms of design, the SPC LARES 360 is not very different from the dome cameras that we can find on the market today. This is characterized by having a compact body (77 x 77 x 120 mm), light (40 grams) and extremely discreet with a white finish, so it does not break with home decoration and can be placed virtually anywhere.

As you might expect, it has a 360° rotating head which puts that number in the product name, so it can be oriented both horizontally and vertically without leaving any blind spots.

Of course, it is worth noting that it does not have autonomy, so it needs to be connected at all times to be able to function, specifically via USBand this may be a limiting factor for some.

Features and functions

The SPC LARES 360 promises a video recording in FullHD 1080p resolution at all times, capturing every frame sharply and precisely. As we mentioned before, it can cover the entire room thanks to its complete 360-degree rotation. That said, the content recorded by the camera can be saved to the cloud using the SPC service; alternatively, we can choose to simply store it locally on a micro SD card of up to 128GB.

In another order of ideas, what makes this model special are the additional functions, starting with the body detection and person trackingso you can be aware of unexpected visitors or simply who is present in your home or business.

We cannot forget to mention the two-way audio, which opens up many possibilities by allowing voice communication. Perhaps the most interesting incentive of all is the night vision, which allows you to see what is happening in the dark with an effective range of 10 meters.

Of course the camera can be controlled remotely from the comfort of the phone using the SPC IOT mobile app. This allows us to see what is happening at home even if we are miles away (requires Wi-Fi Internet connection).

Thanks to this combination of factors, this camera can be used as a baby monitor and home surveillance camera effectively. As if that were not enough, it is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.

Availability and price of the SPC LARES 360

Those interested in this IP surveillance camera can find it for sale on Amazon.es. Similarly, it is available in PC Components for a similar price. As last choice we can recommend buying it at Media Markt.

  • Discreet and compact design with wall mounting
  • two-way audio
  • Compatible with smart assistants
  • Night vision

  • Requires electrical connection
  • SD cards of maximum 128GB

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