SPC Gravity 4 Plus, we tested the affordable 11-inch tablet

The SPC gravity 4 Plus is an attractive tablets android that comes to surpass the Gravity Octacore in all its aspects without penalizing your pocket. And it is that this device gives the growth spurt in aspects as important as the screen, memory and even the power of processor. We are lucky to know the product in writing courtesy of its manufacturer, which we greatly appreciate. We have enjoyed discovering its possibilities and we love being able to share with you, through the reviewsas has been the experience of temporary use with this tablets. So you are invited to know the qualities and benefits of a new gravity of spc.

Presentation of the tablet SPC Gravity 4 Plus

The Gravity 4Plus of spc is one of the novelties with which the Spanish company expands the offer in its family of tablets. Currently, it is the model of bigger size and with best configuration within its catalogue, without thereby renouncing the manufacturer to its tight pricing policy.

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

The SPC Gravity 4 Plus boasts of size and lightness

The device is delivered to you in a good box, where the leading role is taken by the product with a large image on the front. To delve into its details, you just have to turn the packaging over and know its characteristics in detail.

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

Functional and informative packaging

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

All relevant product details on the back of the box

When removing the illustrative strip and opening the box, it appears, wrapped in a plastic bag, the Gravity 4Plus. Under it, some compartments house the documentation and a USB Cable. The charger is not included.

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

Only the USB connection cable is supplied with the tablet

SPC tablet design

The Gravity 4Plus it certainly causes a pleasant sensation at first sight. Confirmed sensation after a few seconds in the hands. The design of it is classic and elegantstanding out for the finesse and lightness Of the device. It has dimensions of 164x260mma solo profile 7mm and a weight of just 500 grams.

It can boast of a quality far superior to its price range for the metallic chassis which provides resistance to the whole. The lines that delimit the tablets they gently curve at the corners, while the edges are cut straight giving a compact feel to the device.

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

Buttons, card slot and USB port all concentrated on the same side

Obviously, the gravity It has the typical buttons for the switched on and the volume control. Close to them you have the port USB Type-Cand card slot micro SD.

Technical details of the SPC Gravity 4 Plus

This product of spc It moves in the essential category due to its adjusted cost. However, the brand has endowed the tablets with unusual elements in its range that make it stand out among the market proposals at a similar price. Let’s see what those features are.


The main argument of the tablet to stand out is not another its display. The screen boasts of size, 10.95 inches diagonally with format 16:10and high resolution, 1,200 x 2,000 pixels. In general terms, it is a good panel, capable of capturing realism all kinds of content and instilling great liveliness to the images for their level of colorful.

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

The product claim is the 10.95-inch, 1,200 x 2,000-pixel touchscreen


What gives life to the brand new tablets of spc is an efficient Mediatek MT8183the same basic processor that you can find in many Chromebooks economic. It has eight coresup to 2 GHz, and the GPUs integrated ARM Mali G72 MP3. This provision, together with the 8GB by heart RAM that nourish the system, suppose a big leap in performance compared to previous models that we have tested from the company. Something that confirms the score obtained in the test of the apps antutu.

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

The performance is acceptable for daily demands but not in graphic demands


What has not evolved in the SPC Gravity 4 Plus are the cameras. This reference continues to offer the simple lenses that integrated previous models. On the front the basic camera of 2MPfor selfies and videoconferences; and a lens 5MP on the reverse as the main focus.

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

The set of cameras is very basic and is limited to covering the file

Battery, operating system and connectivity

What can also boast the SPC Gravity 4 Plus it’s battery. with a piece of 7,000mAh of capacity, gives you a wide margin of use, some 7 hoursuntil the next recharge.

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

The tablet works with Android 12 without customization and certain fluctuations

The Gravity 4Plus is a device Androidwhich gives you the extensive benefits of google services. The installed version of the operating system is the 12, without any kind of customization layer. He hardware of the tablets has room to develop well with this software and the standard applicationsincluding undemanding games. Although sometimes we have noticed certain jerks that tarnish the general fluidity of the device. The installation of the system is satisfied with a few apps fundamental. So you have 90% of your 128GB free storage to have applications according to your needs and tastes. Finally, point out that the connectivity wireless tablets is fast and stableas is logical in the technologies Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0.

Technical specifications of the SPC Gravity 4 Plus tablet

In the following table we detail all the characteristics of the tablets:

SPC Gravity 4 Plus
Dimensions 164mm x 260mm x 7mm
Weight 503 grams
Available colours Grey
Materials metallic chassis
screen technology IPS touch
Dimension 10.95 inches (16:10 Aspect Ratio)
Resolution 1,200 x 2,000 pixels
CPU Mediatek MT8183 (Octa Core Cortex A73/A53 @2GHz)
GPUs ARM Mali G72 MP3
Memory 8GB
Ability 128GB
Memory card Micro SD (up to 512 GB)
Version Android 12
Rear camera 5MP with flash
Frontal camera 2MP
Ability 7,000mAh (25.9Wh)
connection ports
connector USB-C
Headphones No
Wifi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Bluetooth 5.0
OTG Yeah
Other features
  • On off
  • Volume control
Audio 4 speakers
Box contents
  • Tablet (built-in battery)
  • USB Cable
  • Fast guide

Conclusions about the tablet SPC Gravity 4 Plus

SPC Gravity 4 Plus

An inexpensive device to enjoy content in a good size

After the test days with the SPC Gravity 4 Plus the keys of a product whose greatest incentive is a wide screen with good resolution. The attractiveness of a very tight priceyou can check it in the manufacturer’s websiteincreases the relevance of some quality finishes and partly compensates for the logical limitations of its essential configuration. But despite its meager performance in certain tasks, the possibilities of using the tablets with the app store Google at your disposal (loaded with utilities, games and access to countless sources of content). So, taking into account good and unfavorable points, to the SPC Gravity 4 Plus we give you a Gizlogic Silver Award.Gizlogic Awards SILVER

  • Good screen size.
  • metal chassis.
  • Battery capacity.

  • Cameras with low resolution.
  • Essential performance.

Total score






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