SPC ETHER SPORT, upgraded sports earphones

spc ether sport.jpg
spc ether sport.jpg

It is not the first time that an analysis of a product of SPC, as it is a brand that has gained ground over the years through truly accessible mobile devices and for an adult audience (a while ago we talked about SPC Zeus 4G Pro). Now it is the turn of its headphone segment with a proposal called SPC ether sport.

SPC ETHER SPORT are entry-level wireless headphones that are designed for athletes and users accustomed to current trends. Its features include resistance to contact with water, updated connectivity to Bluetooth 5.0, touch controls, a gaming mode and up to 12 hours of playback on multiple charges.


Colors Black
type of use inaugural
integrated microphone Yes
Battery autonomy about 3.5 hours
Loading time Up to 30 minutes of playback after 5 minutes
storage cover Yes, with external battery for up to 12 hours
connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
connection distance 10 meters
touch controls Yes
Support for virtual assistants Yes, Apple Siri and Google Assistant
Official site SPC
Accessories included
  • Ether Sport Headphones
  • charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Interchangeable different size ear cushion
  • Fast guide

Small but highly resistant

The manufacturer’s promise for this product focuses on ergonomics, since they have been designed to stay in place in people who will be in constant movement during their exercise. Thanks to the built-in adjustment tabs, once folded, the headset fits perfectly in either ear.

SPC ETHER SPORT arrives from the factory with three sizes of tabs and easily interchangeable ear pads (S, M and L) to adapt to the particularities of each user, while its external structure is IPX7 certifiedwhich means that it is resistant to contact with water in case it starts to rain as well as the accumulation of dust and sweat during training.

Finally, this model above with a hands-free function and a series of touch controls that simplify several common actions such as accepting incoming calls, rejecting or ending them, being able to increase or decrease the volume of music, skip to the next song or pause without having to take your phone out of your pocket.

Autonomy and compatibility


SPC ETHER SPORT sync themselves when removed from the case

One of the advantages of the ETHER sports It is found in the inclusion of a storage case that includes a battery inside, which helps to recharge them anywhere and anytime (in addition, they automatically synchronize when they are removed). Its total capacity offers up to 12 hours of playback with several charges, also including fast charging technology that gives up to 30 extra minutes. after just five minutes at his base.

Another advanced element to highlight is the compatibility with Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants to execute all kinds of actions and receive information through voice commands, while a built-in game mode is activated by pressing four times on one of the headphones. By enabling it, latency is minimized and a better temporal relationship is achieved regarding the actions of the game and the consequent audio.

Availability and price of SPC ETHER SPORT

For buy the SPC ETHER SPORT can be done from PCcomponents at a very competitive priceas well as from Amazon with international shipping available.

  • Comfortable design for exercise
  • Game mode to reduce latency
  • Supports voice assistants from Google and Apple
  • External case with integrated battery
  • Battery life could be better
  • No other colors available