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SoundPeats RunFree Lite, we tested these sporty headphones

The soundpeats runfree Lite are some headphones wireless as portable or more than Capsule3 Probut with the focus on the sports use. If you are one of those people who does not stop still, or is fond of physical exercise, this model ergonomic and resistant you are interested You will see how the manufacturer, whom we thank for having given us the product for the reviewshas designed them so that you can carry them undisturbed during long sessions. To know these and the rest of the qualities of the sound accessory of SoundPeatscontinue reading.

Presentation, design and construction of the SoundPeats RunFree Lite headphones

The RunFree Liteof SoundPeatsare a product of affordable cost developed for the physical activity. As you will see, the manufacturer’s main argument is a ideal design for sports carefree no matter how long your training sessions are.

SoundPeats RunFree Lite

The SoundPeats RunFree Lite are lightweight and efficient sports headphones

product packaging

The RunFree Lite They are delivered in a modest box that fulfills the primary objective of protecting the product. A package with compact proportions and sufficiently attractive so that it does not go completely unnoticed on the shelves of any store.

SoundPeats RunFree Lite

Packaging is basic but effective

The firm replicates the formula of large images and brief technical information of the product, which we have already seen in other references of theirs that have passed through our hands. When you open the package you come across the typical plastic cradle where the headphones have been embedded.

Product content and design

sports headphones SoundPeats RunFree Lite They are accompanied with the essentials. Namely: short charging cable; and brief manualwith section in Spanish.

SoundPeats RunFree Lite

The manufacturer includes the bare minimum to use the accessory

SoundPeats headphones

The RunFree Lite They differ a lot from the usual headphones that flood the market. Its design, specially developed for powerful physical activities, hooks them on the ears like the arms of a pair of glasses. The grip is very effective, so you can jog or run without worrying about the device flying off. The union between both ends is materialized with a fine fork made of resistant and flexible titanium covered with silicone skin friendly.

SoundPeats RunFree Lite

An open, wrap-around mount ultralight design device

The SoundPeats RunFree Lite remain suspended over ear, without entering them. They do not block or muffle ambient sound. You will practice sport with more security by perceiving your environment. And since they only weigh 27 gramsYou don’t get tired of wearing them. Its only connection port, type USB-C, you find it hidden under a rubber flap that protects it from dirt and liquids. It is used to recharge your battery.

SoundPeats RunFree Lite

The USB charging connector is protected under a rubber cover


The RunFree Lite they are tremendously simple to handle. For this, you have a few buttons, in the discreet and functional control panel, which carry out the operations simple and comfortable. are just three pushbuttons and are concentrated on the right side. Thanks to them you can basically regulate the volume, skip songs either manage calls.

SoundPeats RunFree Lite

With three simple buttons we manage all the functions of the device

SoundPeats RunFree Lite Headphones Features

The connection stability is guaranteed with the optimized version Bluetooth 5.3which gives you other important advantages: the multiple pairing either lower battery consumption; For example. This last benefit added to the internal battery of 130mAh provided by the manufacturer, gives you autonomy of up to 17 hours. Really remarkable for this type of headphone model.

Sound quality

You must keep in mind that the open design of the product implies a certain difference in the sound experience. More than anything because your ear remains exposed to ambient soundand consequently interferes with what you reproduce in the RunFree Lite. To compensate, the manufacturer has larger dynamic drivers than usual, so 16.2mm. Furthermore, the signature SoundPeats gives headphones a bass enhancement technology so you can enjoy powerful and immersive sessions. By the way, thanks to another of its special technologies, the sound remains addressed to minimize your leakage, so you win in privacy.

SoundPeats RunFree Lite

Reasonably good sound thanks to 16.2mm drivers and bass enhancement technology

extra qualities

The SoundPeats RunFree Lite they are well prepared for outdoor physical activities. Are waterproof with degree IPX4. Therefore they resist light rain and sweat.

To close the review of qualities, point out the display of four microphones on the device that pick up your voice very precision. Thanks to this we have had fluent conversationsanswering mobile calls, and clear communications.

SoundPeats RunFree Lite Headphones Technical Specifications

Here is a summary table with all the technical details of the RunFree Lite:

SoundPeats RunFree Lite
  • Ultralight open wraparound frame design
  • Stable and comfortable fixation
Physical characteristics of the headphones
Dimensions ‎14 x 10.5 x 5cm approx.
Weight 27 grams
Color Black
Control pushbuttons
status led Yeah
Headphone connectivity
Bluetooth 5.3
operating distance Range about 10m
Others Supports connection of 2 devices at the same time
Headphone Specifications
drivers 16.2mm dynamic
Frequency response Between 20Hz and 20kHz
Microphone Yeah
battery specifications
Guy rechargeable
Ability 130mAh
Autonomy Up to 17 hours approx.
Loading time 1.5 hour approx.
Charging ports in the case USB-C
waterproof degree IPX4
Box contents
  • Headphones
  • charging cable
  • User manual

Conclusions, availability and price of the SoundPeats RunFree Lite

SoundPeats RunFree Lite

The practical accessory that does not slow down your physical activity

The headphones RunFree Lite they more than fulfill what was promised by Soundpeats. The good design of the product with a grip reliable and lightness indisputable, encourages you not to separate yourself from them on any occasion. They are ideal for making sport activities but also any other type of task that does not tie you to a chair. He good audio and the efficient connectivity will allow you not only to enjoy your favorite content, but also answer calls clearly for you and your interlocutor. The only but that we are going to put is the battery, we would have liked a little more capacity, although with such a tight price it is understandable, don’t you think?

For his unbeatable quality / price ratiosuitability for physical exercise and comfortabilityto headphones SoundPeats RunFree Lite we grant them the Golden Giz Award.

Giz Awards 2018

  • Ergonomic design for sports use.
  • BT 5.3 technology.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Very light and easy to use.
  • Impermeability to water and sweat.

  • They do not include cover.
  • Little generous battery.
Total score

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