Soundcore Space Q45, we tested the new Anker headphones

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auriculares anker soundspace q45.jpg

anker you just introduced your new headphones soundcore space Q45a model that points to the premium range and that has already passed through our hands. If you are thinking of buying them, we offer below our opinions and analysis of this product that (warning, spoilers) has convinced us. It stands out for its noise cancellation and its very comfortable design so that you can spend hours and hours with them almost without noticing that you are wearing them.

Design of the Soundcore Space Q45

We open the box of these headphones sound core and the first thing we find is the hard case to transport them or to store them at home and that they are always well protected from dust, possible falls, etc. The packaging is completed the manuals, a USB-A to USB-C cable and a 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack cable.

But let’s go to nougat. We take the headphones out of the case and put them on. The first impression is that they are incredibly comfortable. In my specific case, I don’t usually put up with headbands well and with these I haven’t felt pressure on the head or ears. They are very soft and the adjustment of the headband allows us to adjust them as we feel best with them. Just by putting them on they isolate you, thanks to the over-ear cushion design. In addition, they have aluminum alloy hinges so we can easily rotate and fold them.


A point somewhat against its design, because not everything can be perfect, is the distribution of its physical buttons. In the left earphone we find the USB-C port, a power button, and a button to turn noise cancellation on or off. For its part, in the right earphone we have the volume +/-, play/pause and 3.5 mm jack connector. The problem that we have found is that the volume button is far behind and the position is somewhat uncomfortable if we want to touch it. We do not have any kind of touch control.

premium noise cancellation

At this point in the film, we already ask for superlative quality from headphones that promise good noise cancellation. These Anker Soundcore Space Q45 achieve it. They have a new noise cancellation system capable of blocking a variety of noises. Get it through a three-stage system capable of blocking low, medium and high frequency noise. In addition, it has a adaptive filtering to adapt according to the noise of the environment (it is not the same that we are in an office than in an airport, for example).

From the app we can choose between five levels of transparency for a personalized experience, while the physical button included in the headphones allows us to switch between Normal, Noise Canceling or Transparency. Does it work in practice? We can really notice a difference and we have managed to isolate the typical noises of everyday life, so it more than meets the mark in this regard.


And what about its sound quality? We have a clear sound, rich in nuances and also customizable, since we have a adjustable EQ from the Soundcore app. Their LDAC mode It gives us high resolution wireless sound and allows us to transmit up to three times more data than standard Bluetooth codecs, so even if you use the headphones wirelessly, we have high resolution sound.

The 40mm drivers with a dual-layer diaphragm made of silk and ceramic materials They provide us with surround and detailed sound, with intense bass and clear treble.

We have also tested them on calls and have obtained very good results. It has two microphones and an AI algorithm to listen and be heard clearly. You shouldn’t have any problems with them whether you use them for occasional personal calls or if you need to get into a long work video call.

The only point against that we have to point out in this section is that music is heard from outside if you choose high volume levels. If you don’t want to be caught listening to the greats hits by Camilo Sesto, remember to select a medium volume.

With dual connection and (almost) infinite autonomy

I wish the autonomy of our devices was infinite. In the absence of this miracle, what we can ask of our gadgets is that they make an effort to last as long as possible. These Anker Soundcore Space Q45 offer us up to 65 hours of autonomy (In ideal conditions, without noise cancellation and with a medium volume). If we activate the noise cancellation its autonomy is reduced up to 50 hoursa fact that is already quite good.

In my case, I make a typical use of headphones for about 6 hours a day, from Monday to Friday, that is, about 30 hours in total per week, and I have had to charge them after two weeks, so they do comply with what fiance. In addition, it incorporates fast charge for up to four hours of playback (slightly less talk time) on just a five-minute charge. Ideal for that meeting that you forgot you had today…


Finally, we talk about its connectivity, which is based on the Bluetooth 5.3. I have been able to move around the room without problem, there have been no cuts or interference. Its range is about 10 meters according to official data, but in practice it is somewhat higher.

One aspect that we cannot fail to highlight is its multipoint connection. What does this mean? We can have them linked to two different devices (for example, PC and mobile, or mobile and tablet, etc.) and switch between calls, videos, music and whatever you need, between one device and another. Maybe you are listening to music on your PC and a call comes in on your mobile. You will be able to answer it without making any additional settings if you already had your headphones paired to both devices. Pairing is super easylike any other Bluetooth device, so in a few seconds you will have them ready to use.


Technical characteristics of the Soundcore Space Q45

Soundcore Space Q45
Color Black
touch control Nope
Physical buttons and ports Left:

  • noise cancellation button
  • On button
  • USB-C port


  • volume button
  • Play / Pause button
  • 3.5mm jack connector
hinged Aluminium alloy
Design over-ear
noise cancellation
  • Three-stage system capable of blocking low, medium and high frequency noise
  • adaptive filtering
  • 5 levels of transparency from the app
adjustable EQ Yes
drivers 40mm drivers with a dual-layer diaphragm made of silk and ceramic materials
calls Two microphones and an AI algorithm
  • Up to 65 hours of autonomy without active noise cancellation
  • Up to 50 hours of autonomy with active noise cancellation
  • Fast charging (4 hours of autonomy with 5 minutes of charging)
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Dual multipoint connection
Box contents
  • 1 x Soundcore Space Q45 Headphones
  • 1 x Hard Case
  • 1 x USB-A to USB-C Cable
  • 1 x 3.5mm jack to 3.5mm jack cable
  • 1 x Manuals

you can find them on amazon.

These Soundcore Space Q45 signed by Anker offer us a brutal quality-price ratio, with very good noise cancellation capable of adapting to you and your environment, a comfortable and ergonomic design and autonomy that will never leave you hanging.

For all that said, we give you the Giz Award.


  • Very nice and comfortable design
  • They can be folded and rotated
  • Very good sound quality
  • With various modes of active noise cancellation
  • exceptional battery
  • We can link them to two devices simultaneously
  • The box includes several accessories
  • With app to customize the sound

  • Only available in one color (two more colors will arrive at the end of the year)
  • If you select a very high volume, the music is heard from outside
  • Does not have touch controls

Total score