Sony NW-WS623, the Walkman has evolved and it’s great

sony nw ws623 destacada.jpg
sony nw ws623 destacada.jpg

The Sony NW-ws623, also called the Sony Sport NW-WS623, are wireless headphones with a built-in MP3 player that carry the torch of Sony’s iconic walkman. They are perfect for exercising and playing sports thanks to their band design, to which we must add their IP68 resistance; the latter means that they are suitable for swimming. On top of all that, they deliver high-quality sound, fully worthy of Sony’s Walkman stamp, and deliver a phenomenal battery life of up to 12 hours.

The model that we will analyze on this occasion is the successor of the Sony Walkman NWWS413to which we also reviewed at the time, but it goes without saying that the new version refreshes and improves some important aspects, so it is necessary to investigate its qualities (and disadvantages).

Characteristics of the Sony Sport NW-WS623

package dimensions 16.8 x 12.7 x 4.3cm
Weight 32 grams
Colors Black, White, Blue, Green
Battery 12 hour autonomy
Fast charge Yeah
connectivity NFC, Bluetooth, USB 2.0
FM Radio No
Certification IP65/68. Withstands submersion in water up to 2 meters for 30 minutes.
Storage 4GB
audio format AAC (non-DRM), FLAC, MP3, Linear PCM, WMA (non-DRM).
Official site sony
Package content Sony Sport NW-WS623, USB mount, USB cable, earbuds (1 set), swim earbuds (1 set), adjustable armband, getting started guide.

Design of the Sony NW-WS623

As you can see, these are not conventional headphones, they are hybrid and have a curved design with a headband that passes behind the neck and keeps them in position at all times, even when exercising or running. With that in mind, it’s true that earphones apply pressure against your ear to keep them from slipping out of position; As a result, it may cause ear canal bone discomfort after long-term wearing.


The body of the headphones has a matte finish available in several color presentations, but what interests us is that they are resistant, we can stretch them, straighten them, curl them or bend them; They won’t fray, break, or warp, in fact, they return to their base shape quickly. For his part, the neck band is robustIt doesn’t stick out and it shows that it was reinforced, but without sacrificing flexibility, which is great.

The same way, they have buttons at our fingertips with all possible functions, such as changing the volume, going forward/backward, and turning on surround sound mode. Also, the layout of the buttons is the same on both headphones and their response is satisfactory. However, the controls can be a bit confusing at first, as holding down one performs another action, so it might be a good idea to consult your manual.

Sony NW-WS623 - Water resistance

To put the icing on the cake, these headphones are IP68 certified, so They are waterproof and the point that we can use them in the pool and also on the beach, as they are resistant to water and also to low and high temperatures (from –5°C to 45°C).

sound and features

The Sony Sport NW-WS623 bring a fairly balanced sound to the table without the need for tuning. Going into details, offer good depth throughout treble, mids and bass. Highs are clean and crisp, and vocals stand out clearly. The mids provide a very good soundstage that adds some three-dimensional character to the instruments, and there’s no trace of distortion even at maximum volume.

Sony NW-WS623 - Sound

They don’t have active noise cancellation as such, but their design pretty much takes care of isolating all background noise effectively, and it’s so good at it that you actually need a ambient sound mode to be able to hear what is happening around us, because after all they are headphones with sports purposes in mind. Said mode is present and its activation is at the reach of a button.

As we mentioned earlier, the Sony NW-WS623 can play MP3, FLAC and WMA files locallyso we don’t need any paired device to be able to use them. The internal memory is 4GB in the version that we are taking as a reference, but there is also one with 16GB of storage, it is not much, but when it comes only to saving songs, this figure is enough and plenty.


Although the premise of these headphones with the Walkman seal is that they can play MP3s locally, that does not mean that we cannot pair them with our mobile, tablet or notebook wirelessly. In fact, we can do it both through Bluetooth and NFC by a simple touch of a button, so the options are not lacking.

Sony NW-WS623 - Connectivity

There is also a remote control that is sold separately.

The only thing that doesn’t quite convince us is how the songs are loaded and transferred, since it requires a proprietary stand to which a USB cable and headphones are connected. If it is lost or damaged, it will not be as easy to replace as a conventional charger, so be careful with that detail.


Finally, the Sony NW-WS623 promise up to 12 hours of music playback on a single charge, but that’s with local playback. Something that Sony forgot to mention is that when using via Bluetooth or NFC the actual battery life is around 10 hours at most, and that’s at 50% volume, so you can expect a lower figure if you’re using the volume all the way up (something we advise against doing because of the risk of hearing damage).

Sony NW-WS623 - Battery

That said, the recharging process takes around an hour and a half, and according to Sony, we can get 1 hour of music playback from just 3 minutes of charging.

Availability and price of the Sony NW-WS623

Those interested in the Sony Sport NW-WS623 can purchase them through the storebut they can also be found available in PC Components for a competitive price. Another good idea could be buy them through Fnac. As always, we invite you to consult all the options before checking out.


  • Excellent audio clarity
  • Good controls and response
  • Ambient mode makes it easy to hear your surroundings
  • can be used for swimming


  • USB dock design is awkward
  • Using Bluetooth drains the battery faster
  • They do not include a storage bag
  • Bass could be better

Total score