Sonos Era 300, new speaker with spatial experience

sonos era 300 presentacion.jpg
sonos era 300 presentacion.jpg

Just a few minutes ago sonos has presented us with his new Sonos Era 300, an audio device that once again emphasizes sound quality and elegant design. Discover the experience of a Home Theater at home in a minimum size.

Features of the Sonos Era 300

This new wireless speaker breaks the mold by offering us great spatial audio quality in a very compact size. Dispose of six drivers that directs sound in all possible directions to give us an immersive audio experience. For this, it also relies on technology Dolby Atmos and manage to fill all the spaces in the room so that you always feel in the center of the action.

It also has a microphone that we can physically disconnect if we wish. In any case, so that you always feel completely safe, we have a leds on the speaker with which we can quickly know if we are muted, if the microphone is working or if the speaker itself is connected.

sonos was 300

In addition, we can also highlight its design that is made in recycled plastic and that it has been designed to be very easy to use, with controls integrated into the device itself so that we can control it directly from it. As we said, it is a fairly compact speaker for the quality it offers, with dimensions of 160 x 260 x 185mm and a weight of 4.47kg. It is not one of the smallest and lightest, but the format achieved is commendable considering what it can offer us.

If your sound is high-flying, its connectivity is not far behind either: WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0 and USB-CB.

Availability and price

This Sonos Era 300 will be available from 28th March in a good number of countries, including Spain. Its price will be 499 euros.

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