Snapwire, so you can earn money selling your photos online

snapwire, so you can earn money selling your photos online
snapwire, so you can earn money selling your photos online

On the internet there are many possibilities to earn extra money each month, even to be able to earn a comfortable living. One idea is to sell photographs in an image bank. If you like to do your first steps in this world, today we introduce you to one of the image banks most popular that allow the buying and selling of photographs. His name is Snapwire.

How Snapwire works

The system is very simple. The user uploads the photographs he wants to put on sale in his portfolio and receive a commission for every sale you make. Allows you to upload photos directly or link it to services such as Google Photos, in case we have a large volume of photographs to put on sale and we want everything to be easier and faster for us.

In addition, as a curiosity and as a differentiating effect with other image banks that offer similar services, we periodically have the option to participate in Challenges. These are challenges in which a user who needs a specific type of photography launches a request to the community. Here a comparison game enters and the winner of the best photograph is chosen, who will win the prize, which always consists of money. The rest of the participants will obtain experience points that will lead them to have a better ranking on this website and therefore obtain better visibility in order to better position their photographs.

Snapwire is available as a website or it can also be used as a mobile application, for both iOS and Android, a probably more comfortable option to always carry our new online business in your pocket.

Have you ever tried image banks, either to buy or to sell photos? What has been your experience with them?