SMSFactory, the Trojan that charges your mobile bill

smsfactory, the trojan that charges your mobile bill
smsfactory, the trojan that charges your mobile bill

Every year new versions of malware are detected that can significantly harm the user experience on Smartphones and 2022 is no exception. If a few months ago we met Octo and its advanced design to get hold of private bank details, smsfactory has now appeared to affect the expenses on the mobile bill.

SMSFactory is the name of this new trojan that moves incognito within the Android mobiles of people around the world and is responsible for constantly sending paid SMS as well as calls to numbers with a “Premium” rate to the point of add more than 300 euros in bills throughout the year.

How SMSFactory works


SMSFactory has spread through advertisements and Apps of dubious origin

In a progressive and discreet manner, this method does not seek to keep the confidential information of the affected people, but it does seek to divert money from victims in countries such as Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, Ukraine, the United States, France and Spain, among others.

Without the user realizing that something strange is happening in the daily operation of the phone, a conversion system is used in which the SMS includes an account number so that the attackers can receive money for the messages sent . In some affected, expenses have been added to the telephone bill of up to 7 dollars a week or 336 dollars throughout the year.

In addition to its main activity, it would also be able to extract the contact lists of the victims, which will surely be used to further spread the malware among the community. At the moment, more than 165,000 affected users have already been detected from May 2021 to May 2022 , while the countries with the largest number of users correspond to Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey and Ukraine.

For the tranquility of the majority , for now this Trojan has not been found within Apps present in Google Play , so its arrival on phones can range from malicious advertising on the Internet, automatic notifications and alerts that are displayed on sites that offer tricks from free games, adult content, or video streaming sites, as well as modded Apps on illegal sites that promise unlocked perks like paid games.