SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2, power to spare for all terrain

smartgyro crossover dual x2 destacada.jpg
smartgyro crossover dual x2 destacada.jpg

He smartgyro crossover Dual X2 It is an electric scooter whose power, autonomy and comfort of use put it in a privileged position within the mid-range. It’s not a scooter for everyone, that’s for sure, but those who want a powerful scooter at a reasonable price should at least consider taking a look at this model, as it comes from a leading manufacturer in the field of personal mobility, that not to mention that it is for legal use on public roads, since it complies with current DGT regulations.

If you prefer the short version of the facts, we can anticipate that it is an e-scooter with dual 800W motors, a speed limited to 25KM/h, a range of 45KM and all-terrain tires with cushioning.

Features of the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2

SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2
Brand SmartGyro
Model Dual
Dimensions 119 x 60 x 130cm
folded dimensions 119 x 49 x 23mm (folded)
Weight 26KG
Engine 2 motors of 800W (1600W in total)
Speed Limited to 25KM/h, maximum 45KM/h
tires 10 inch jeep
Suspension Front and rear double suspension
maximum weight allowed 120KG
Lights Front LED headlight and rear brake light
Brakes Mechanical with regenerative braking
Battery 48V/13Ah
Autonomy Up to 45KM
Loading time 7 hours
Box contents SmartGyro CrossOver Dual, charger and instruction manual.

Design and elaboration

Let there be no doubt that we are dealing with a robust scooter with an aluminum structure, which outlines a wide base with adjustable handlebar and all the elements we would expect from a mid-range scooter and more.

SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 - Design

It goes without saying that the scooter exhibits a sporty and rustic look that invites adventure, and to realize this, it is enough to take a look at the 10-inch wide tires on which this scooter rides. They are very resistant and provide excellent traction and stability on most terrains.

As if that were not enough, the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 has a folding structure from which we can take advantage to store the scooter or load it manually, although perhaps the latter is not a good idea, since it is heavy, how heavy? 26 kilograms to be exact.

SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 - Folded

Another aspect that is obvious about this scooter is its lighting system. This one not only has a front LED headlight and rear brake light, but also has side LED lights decorating the base. In case we are not very fans of that bizarre aesthetic, we can simply turn them off.

Diverting our attention to the handlebars, we find a indicative display with all the data that we could consider relevant, such as speed, distance traveled and battery charge.

SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 - Display

engine and features

As you can imagine, having a 800W motor on each wheel makes this scooter a beast that can reach 1600W (peak power) and move at 25KM/h even uphill. It is important to note that this scooter can give much more of itself in terms of speed, but for legal reasons it is limited to that speed, and that is totally understandable. Additionally, the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 has an acceleration that is scary, we talk about that It can go from 0 to 25KM/h in a matter of 2.5 seconds.

SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2

With that in mind, the speed restriction we mentioned earlier can be lifted from the settings menu in order to reach something close to 40KM/h. Naturally, we can also choose between 3 different speeds when driving and use cruise mode to maintain the current speed.

In another order of ideas, the aforementioned 10 inch tires They allude to the off-road capabilities of this scooter, but it is the damping present on each wheel that cements this aspect as an advantage.

Going into details, the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 has double damping both in the front and in the rear, so smooth rides await us as it is possible to have them on a scooter. For even more comfort we can choose to attach a seat, but it would have to be purchased separately.


Finally, it is worth mentioning the disc brakes with regenerative braking which are present on each wheel.


The scooter is feeding by a 13Ah/48V battery that promises up to 45KM travel in the best of cases, and we emphasize “best of cases”, since this figure is always taken based on ideal driving conditions. The reality of the matter is that, depending on our weight, speed and road conditions, that figure can vary significantly, but the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 manages to consistently deliver at least 30 kilometers of travel according to the experience of most users. of the same.


With that said, autonomy in real life isn’t bad at all, but maybe its charging time of 7 hours if it is something that we can consider as a disadvantage.

Differences with the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 Pro

Before concluding, we want to highlight the existence of a slightly better model than this one, the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 Pro, which reinforces the autonomy and power of the base model for only about 100 euros more. Getting into the details, the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 Pro ups the ante with two 1,200W motors that give a combined power of 2,400Wwhich gives it a clear advantage over the 1,600W of the base model.

SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 Pro

Similarly, it has a larger capacity battery, which results in a maximum autonomy of 55KM. Lastly, it has ULTRABOOST shock absorbers on the rear wheelso it should be a bit better than its little brother at soaking up the bumps in the road.

Availability and price of the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2

Those interested in the SmartGyro Crossover Dual X2 can purchase it through the trusted storealthough it can be found available in PC Components for a competitive price.

Similarly, its older brother, the Dual X2 Pro, is for sale on amazon. We can also say the same about PC Components. As always, we invite you to consult all the offers before making a decision.


  • Powerful and compliant at the same time
  • suspension on both wheels
  • dual motors
  • Strong and attractive design
  • complete light kit
  • decent autonomy


  • heavy and bulky
  • long charging time

Total score