SmartGyro CrossOver Dual Pro, a scooter that wastes power

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Is he smartgyro crossover Dual Pro the best scooter for you? We always say it and now is no exception: it depends. There is no ideal product for all people, each one of us has different needs and therefore what suits me like a glove may not meet your requirements or, on the contrary, you may have excess specifications on all sides. and that it is not worth the investment.

SmartGyro is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of personal mobility. Their scooters cover a wide range and we can cover all the aspects we need. To do this, today we are talking about this long and hard SmartGyro CrossOver Dual Pro, so that you can understand which are its most positive points, which are the most negative and, above all, where to buy it at the best price so that you do not spend a single euro of further. Are you ready? Grab a coffee, a cup of tea or just a glass of water and get ready to read all about this Smartgyro Crossover Dual X2 Pro.

Design of the SmartGyro CrossOver Dual Pro

This SmartGyro CrossOver Dual Pro shows us at first glance that it is a premium scooter. Its robust construction is noticeable, with its own design and certain elements that seek to improve comfort behind the wheel and of course also safety, two essential factors.

In this model we find front and rear turn signals, so that we can indicate the direction in which we are going to turn and that the rest of the people who circulate can see us well and be aware of our movements. This is super important, keep in mind that you are going to drive between other vehicles such as cars or even vans or buses and we do not want to have any kind of problem with them. Essential.

SmartGyro CrossOver Dual Pro

Available in color blackwe find LED’s in the side area that also helps us to be seen better while we are driving, especially at night. For the same purpose, we have a front focusso that we can see where we are going.

Its chassis is very robust and has a high durability. We will manage to have a product that lasts and lasts. In fact, from the manufacturer itself, SmartGyro, they tell us that all the pieces are designed with the purpose of being very resistant and durable, from the largest piece to the last screw.

Last but not least, we have a screen on the handlebar from which we can see very important data about our circulation (remaining autonomy, speed, circulation mode…).

A scooter that performs very well thanks to its two independent motors

If we roll up our sleeves and fully get to work, if we break down the most technical specifications of this Smartgyro Crossover Dual X2 Pro, we can highlight first of all for carrying two independent motors of 1,200 W each. Thanks to this, we have a total power of 2,400W, something that gives us a lot of play. Do you need to boost performance so that we can have high acceleration and climb hills without messing up your hair? Activate both. Are you running low on battery and prefer to optimize the efficiency of this vehicle? Then we recommend you deactivate the rear motor and work with only one. Enough in most cases.

To make driving more comfortable, it comes with some 10 inch wheels, with which we will be able to circulate in a stable way both on asphalt, countryside, sand, cobblestones… There will be no surface that will resist you. They are of the pneumatic type and resistant to everything quite well, from uneven terrain to changes in temperature, something very important. Also for a more comfortable driving we can highlight its double piston front and rear suspension.

SmartGyro CrossOver Dual Pro

In the field of security, we can mention its break system Supported by front and rear discsThank you with new tweezers that have been improved to be more effective.

All this is combined with the ability to climb very steep slopes and with the possibility of acceleration for those moments in which you need it most (to get out of a traffic light, to avoid some kind of danger…). And furthermore, we have three driving modesso that we can choose the one that best suits each moment.

Finally, we highlight its battery, an essential value in this type of vehicle, so as not to get stranded somewhere in the city. It has a capacity of 17,500mAhthey promise us that we can charge it for more than 1,000 charging cycles without wear and tear and its autonomy gives us about 60km before you have to load it. Everything out of the ordinary. It lasts so long not only because of its capacity, but also because of how well optimized its components are.

SmartGyro CrossOver Dual Pro

Technical characteristics of the Smartgyro Crossover Dual X2 Pro

Smartgyro Crossover Dual X2 Pro / SmartGyro CrossOver Dual Pro
Color Black
Screen Yeah
front focus Yeah
Side LEDs Yeah
Front and rear turn signals Yeah
Power Two motors of 1,200 W each (2,400 W in total)
Brakes Front and rear disc brakes
Suspension Double piston front and rear suspension
Wheels 10 inches
driving modes 3
Battery 17,500 mAh / Up to 60 km

you can find it in stores like amazonalso in PC Components and also in Carrefour.

This is one of those scooters that we would recommend to very demanding users, to those who need extra power, a very good autonomy and a very robust and stable design. If you are going to use it daily to travel long distances or if you live in a city with many slopes and few bus lanes, we recommend that you take a look at this interesting option offered by a renowned manufacturer such as SmartGyro.

And if you want to compare it with another premium scooter, here we talk about the Smartgyro Rockway Pro.

  • Good size of wheels and very stable
  • has screen
  • With quality suspension and brakes
  • Holds a lot of weight
  • double engine
  • Ability to climb hills effortlessly
  • Very good autonomy
  • very well lit

  • only one color available
  • Very heavy
  • somewhat high price
Total score