Shiro ultrasonic diffuser, we tested this creator of aromatic mist

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difusor ultrasonico shiro.jpg

The shiro ultrasonic diffuser is an elegant product designed to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy at home. Something simpler than that other aroma diffuser Oittm that arrived at the office, we are equally fortunate to test the device courtesy of sisen, its manufacturer. Just these days you have it at a very special price on the occasion of the black friday. So it is an excellent opportunity to discover its features through our user experience.

Presentation and design of the Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

The reference Shiro belongs to the range of diffusers of sisena firm specializing in aromatherapy. This company is mainly engaged in the production of pure and natural essential oilscreating mixes, roll-ons, diffusers and kits, with the aim of providing well-being in our daily routines.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

The Sisen Shiro diffuser is used to create an ultrasonic aromatic mist

With a philosophy based on natural wisdomthe manufacturer does not neglect a fundamental aspect in our world such as the sustainability. This is evident even with the product packaging itself. sisen delivers the diffuser in a box 100% recyclable cardboard created with pure cellulose ECF fiber Y chlorine free.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

Minimalist and eco-friendly packaging

The packaging has a minimalist concept with simple graphics and text in Spanish, captured only with black lines on the natural background of the cardboard. a few simple icons They point out on the sides of the box the key points of the device that we are acquiring. When you open the box, you can see the diffuser, and some of the elements that accompany it. Everything is perfectly protected in a cradle that absorbs any possible impact.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

Look at the open package

In addition to the device, in the box we find an indispensable power adapter; a beaker to pour water into the diffuser; and the brief user manual.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

Accessories that accompany the product

Ultrasonic diffuser design

This model of sisen It has a quality appearance based on the materials used for its manufacture. Among all of them, the ceramicswith a subtle rough texture, used for the outer cover. In our opinion, the piece resembles Zen-inspired craftsmanship. The product that has come to us is colored black, a tone that makes it fit perfectly in any type of environment and decoration. Note that this finish is a limited edition of the reference Shiro on the occasion of black friday. The original model is colored whiteand there are no differences between their benefits, not even in price.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

Sisen launches a limited edition of the Shiro diffuser with a black ceramic finish in commemoration of Black Friday

The aroma diffuser has measurements of 9 x 9 x 21.4cm and weighs 477 grams. The ceramic hood that covers the device ends in a fine chimney, to expel the mist. Between base, material plasticand this cover, the diffuser interposes a lighting ring. The minimalist design of the product only allows itself the luxury of including the typogram from the manufacturer on the base of the diffuser.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

A couple of buttons to control mist and lighting

The zen design of Shiro reduces controls to two simple translucent pushbuttons located on the opposite side of the brand name. The device’s power socket is hidden under the base, which has a slight elevation on the plane thanks to discreet legs.

Shiro Ultrasonic Diffuser Technical Details

the diffuser Shiro operates with technology ultrasound to create a scent mist. Works with cold diffusionso preserves all the properties of the oils. It is necessary to connect it to the electrical current using the adapter 24V Y 500mA included with the appliance. In operation it has a consumption of 7W. This device has automatic disconnection system, which turns off the diffuser when it runs out of water in the tank. A warehouse with capacity for 100mlwhich means many hours of enjoyment of aromatherapywhich vary depending on the activated mode.

Shiro operation

Using this elegant diffuser is very simple. A few easy steps prepare the Shiro to start creating the scent mist. Logically, the first thing is to connect the power adapter and place it in the place where we want to enjoy the benefits of the aromatherapy with essential oils.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

Fill with water up to the level mark and add drops of essential oil or mixture

After removing the ceramic bell, we can access the water tank. Lift the inner lid and pour the liquid, with the help of the beaker included in the package, being careful not to exceed the maximum level marked on the container. Then we add the essential oilthey are enough between 3 and 6 drops to enjoy its benefits and intoxicate almost the entire house. We put the elements back in their place, inner lid and outer hood. Now we only have to press the right button so that the diffuser Shiro Instantly create the scented mist.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

We select the mist mode and the desired lighting by pressing each button

When the device is turned on, the diffuser enters the mode continuous mist. A second press of the right button switches it to mode Flashing Mist. To turn it off, all you have to do is press this button a third time or keep pressing the button. The left button acts in the same way but managing the illumination. This light is independent of the creation of mist, therefore, it can be used as a cute spotlight with its warm tone. Button presses alternate between two intensities of the light.

A vast world of beneficial aromas

sisen is a specialist in essential oils. In their catalog they offer us a multitude of options, pure and mixed, so that everyone can find an aromatic place of their liking. And it is that the aromatherapy offers us an unlimited universe: relaxed airs, energizing citrus touches, woody fragrances for fresh breatheither aromas that unleash creativity.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

Pure essential oil blends inspired by natural phenomena

Each essential oil has different therapeutic effects that act on both emotional and physical states. You can choose from simple aromas such as lavender, chamomile or the geranium; or the exclusive blends of sisen, inspired by natural phenomena, with different effects depending on the benefit that interests us. For example, revitalize ourselves, purify ourselves, or, as has been the case with the mixture moongladerelax.

Shiro Ultrasonic Diffuser Technical Specifications

In the following table we detail all the characteristics of Shiro:

Shiro diffuser
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 21.4cm
Weight 477 grams approx.
  • Haze
  • Light
  • White
  • Black (limited edition)
Device features
  • Creates an ultrasonic aromatic mist
  • Auto shutdown system
  • PP
  • ABS
  • Ceramics
mist mode
  • Keep going
  • Intermittent
broadcast mode Cold
ultrasonic vibration 2.4MHz
Water tank capacity 100ml
Guy Orange monochrome warm light ring
  • Off
  • Normal
  • Faint
Guy Power adapter
  • 100 – 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz
  • 24V 500mA DC
electrical consumption 7W approx.
Cable length 150cm approx.
Box contents
  • Diffuser
  • Power adapter
  • beaker
  • User manual

Conclusions about the Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

This elegant device, which subtly integrates with the decoration of the home, allows us to enjoy the pleasure and benefits of aromatherapy in a simple way. We have loved the minimalist look of the diffuser and the great perfuming effect that you get with a few drops of essential oil. Note that the manufacturer celebrates this month of November 2022 with a sensational promotion, from the day 7 to 27consisting of 25% discounts for him black friday applied directly on the page Web of sisen.

Shiro ultrasonic diffuser

The Shiro ultrasonic diffuser achieves a powerful aromatizing effect from the water and the 100% natural essential oils deposited in the container.

The Shiro ultrasonic diffuser We found it to be a functional and efficient product that perfectly fulfills its purpose, which is why we give it our gold award of gizlogic.

Giz Awards 2018

  • Elegant design with a touch of warm lighting.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Wide variety of fragrances to choose from.

  • It generates a slight hum when operating.

Total score