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Seagull Pro, a quad motor robotic pool cleaner

Those fortunate enough to have a pool at home will know very well that not everything is rosy; having to clean the pool constantly is a rather tiring task, and that is why the American company Aiper has found so much success in selling cleaning robots designed for this task. The latest in his arsenal is about the seagull Pro, a robot vacuum cleaner that was unveiled during CES 2023 in Las Vegasan event in which it received a nomination in the innovation category, so there must be something interesting, and it’s time to see what it is.

Seagull Pro

Going into details, the Seagull Pro promises power clean pools up to 3,200 square feet (300 square meters) for 3 hours for each charge. The manufacturer explains that the Seagull Pro sucks up dirt, leaves, dirt, and other particles that are floating in the water. As if that were not enough, you can clean not only the dirt on the bottom and the surface of the pool, but also the walls of the pool, which is possible thanks to the brush.

It should be noted that the robot supports 3 cleaning modes: floor, walls and automatic. The latter covers both the walls and the floor of the pool.

Seagull Pro

With that said, the most innovative thing about this model is its four engine system, which is the first in the world to be implemented in a device like this. The advantages of this system translate into greater performance, suction power and cleaning capabilities.

Finally, the robot uses the WavePath technology to navigate the pool and make sure that no place is left unclean.

Availability and price

The Seagull Pro It should go on sale on the official Aiper site and on authorized channels such as Amazon for the month of March for a price of 850 euro (To the change).

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