ScanSnap iX1300, we tested this document scanner

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img20230209191744 scaled e1676315210929.jpg

After many similar products, we really wanted to try a device that struck us for its usefulness. And don’t you know what has happened? That he scansnap ix1300 He has given us much more than that. A spectacular and surprising design, a specific but very polished functionality and perfect connections. We have already been lucky enough to test many products in this technological sector, such as the laser printer TS2 10W Diode Laser Engraverbut we know that you are looking for something different, and that is what you are going to see today.

A completely distinctive design

If this scanner will catch your attention at all, it will be in its size, very small. We are talking about measures of 296 x 114 x 87mmand a weight of, very careful to what we are going to tell you, just 2KG. This is spectacular from the first moment you take it out of the box and it is very comfortable when moving and placing the ScanSnap iX1300.

ScanSnap iX1300

This technical decision in the design is due to the fact that it is a device designed to be used from home, or also to be used in a portable way. It is not a specific model for large companies, although the work it does is spectacular and could easily be compared to a much more professional one. However, Fujitsu ScanSnap This launch has focused on all those of you who want an individual scanner for your home, a device that never hurts to have.

What does this scanner look like? Is it visually appealing?

It’s pretty, simple, but pretty. It has a very clean design, with a single activation button, a hole for connectors and triggers, but beyond all this, we only have the tray set. We have a direct entrance from the front for quick scanning, but once the main cover is open, we have a set of trays that we must open. The first one opens by pushing the hinge back as far as possible, and it will appear by itself, the second one can be removed manually, but it will be collected automatically once the scan has finished.

The two main trays thus form a u scanner which is quite an advance, since all the documents that go through the process will be automatically placed in the secondary tray to be able to be collected in the order in which they have been entered. In addition, we want to reassure you and tell you that you will not have to worry about the set of pieces, since all the movements are automatic, you should only be careful if you have to manipulate the trays, but little else.

Simple connection game, but it leaves a very good taste in our mouths

As for the connections, there is little more to do than distinguish the two modes that it has, the one that needs a cable, and the one that does not. By cable we have the USB type B, a connector that we rarely see anymore and that could be a problem to find, if it were not for the fact that it has one built in. Did you think they would make you buy one? No, they have thought of everything, and we assume that the firm knows that this type of connection is very unusual and it is not comfortable having to buy cables. With this type of connectivity we can link the scanner with a computer, being the option that depends the most on the model, but the ScanSnap iX1300 is a box of surprises.

ScanSnap iX1300

If we were with the most dependent version, now we are going to talk about the total independence of the device, the connection WIFI. With it we can not only perform the same task of connecting a computer, but we can also link it to our mobile, a device that we always carry with us. In addition, we can send the scanned documents directly to a cloud that we have programmed, in many formats, as we will see below. A breakthrough to highlight in this analysis.

The functionalities of the ScanSnap iX1300

As we have already told you, this scanner stands out for many things, and another of them is the functionality it provides. As we anticipated before, the Wi-Fi connection gives a lot of play, although you can always scan by cable. Making the wireless connection is easier than it may seem, and we recommend that you download the ScanSnap app and follow the guidelines that mark you. Once this is done, you can start non-stop scanning all kinds of documents, exporting them to a large number of formats, such as JPG, PDF, excel, word either power point.

Storing the content on your mobile or computer is an option, but you can always upload everything to the compatible clouds, which are clouds, Dropbox and Google Drive, the most common and the one that most of you surely have. If you add to all this a spectacular scan in terms of quality, and a speed of 2.9 seconds at a rate of 30 double-sided pages per minuteWell, you have an impressive device. Taking into account also that it has the fast scanning mode on the front side to pass individual documents without having to open the tray.

ScanSnap iX1300

Everything is very easy to understand, the interface is simple, and we can only recommend that you follow the steps indicated meticulously. Whatever support device you have, it will be compatible as it can run with Android, macOS and windows without any problem.

ScanSnap iX1300 Features

ScanSnap iX1300
scanner type double route
Image sensor type colored contact
Dimensions 296 x 114 x 87mm
Weight 2 kilograms
Color Yeah
Duples – Double Sided Yeah
automatic feeder Yeah
feeder capacity 20 standard A4 sheets
connectivity USB type B and WIFI
scanning speed 30ppm
optical resolution 600 dpi
Warranty 1 year
Package content ScanSnap iX1300, power cord, instructions and warranties, usb type B cable, US plug
manufacturer site ScanSnap

Availability and price of the ScanSnap iX1300

In short, you are facing one of the most different and innovative products on the market, since it is a perfect combination between design and functionality. What are you still not convinced? Well, we can also tell you that it has a very good value for money, one of the best that we have been able to analyze in recent months. It is true that it is a very specific product, but for all of you who need a scanner that is easy to install or even portable, the ScanSnap iX1300 it is your purchase. For all this, we grant you, without any harsh… the Golden GizAward!

Next, we leave you a purchase link:

  • Unique small footprint design
  • very good scan speed
  • fast mode
  • high compatibility
  • Have you got Wi-Fi
  • Good value for money
  • USB type B
  • Fair capacity due to small size
Total score