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Samsung officially throws in the towel with Tizen and closes the app store

samsung officially throws in the towel with tizen and closes the app store

What was a rumor has been confirmed, samsung-odyssey-neo-g8-tops-2022-monitor-refresh/">Samsung has forever closed its app store Tizen; that leaves orphans all customers with that system on their devices who will have to quickly migrate to either Android or iOS.

The announcement of the alliance between Samsung and Google in 2021 to create an ecosystem for watches with greater power than Wear Os and Tizen could be, already warned of what was coming; The presentation of the Galaxy Watch 4 with WearOS made it even clearer.

The truth is that it is already official; Tizen Help announced that the service is closed for all smartphones with Tizen operating system, this includes Samsung Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4, regardless of the country in which the user is located.

Samsung let go of Tizen with the old year

One of the GSM Arena sources let it be known that since December 31, Samsung definitively closed the Tizen App Store; he closed the door and dropped the key. If the first blow was the closure for new users, this news is definitely the final blow.

Now the unknown of the unfortunate users is what will happen with the Galaxy Watch, since if they try to enter the store they will get an error message; and not even pre-downloads are available anymore.


Although Samsung’s resignation with Tizen for mobiles and smartwatches is already a fact; This one will continue to try on other platforms, such as televisions, hopefully with better luck.

If you are looking for reasons behind this decision, finding them is very easy. Tizen’s official page even bluntly tells us that after 2017 Samsung did not continue to launch Samsung Z smartphones, so the developers were leaving the platform little by little.


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