Samsung MX-ST40B/ZF, “Premium” two-way sound tower

Although it is not usually one of its main focuses or its product catalog is not as extensive as it can be seen in competitors of the caliber of Sony or LG, the other South Korean giant samsung also has interesting “premium” audio devices worth considering for home use. One of them is called Samsung MX-st40b/ZF and is the protagonist of this analysis.

Samsung MX-ST40B is a high-end sound tower that, despite not having such a high output power as in other models of the same line of the brand, it does have the necessary elements to enjoy an optimal user experience, be it a integrated long autonomy battery, resistance to contact with water or customizable lighting.

Samsung MX-ST40B/ZF Features

Samsung MX-ST40B/ZF
Colors Black
Dimensions 281.0 x 562.0 x 256.0mm
Weight 8 kilograms
channel system 2.0
Audio output 160W
Battery Yeah
Autonomy about 12 hours
Certification IPX5
connectivity Bluetooth 5.0
Connection distance Up to 10 meters (open area)
wired connection Yeah
additional connections 1xUSB
energy consumption 40W
Official site samsung

A modern and elegant style

Samsung MX-ST40B

Samsung MX-ST40B looks great in any environment

Nothing better than giving a good first image and this is what this device considers in terms of its design, different from most of the speakers we have known before. Although it remains in the tower format that is so common in equipment designed for parties, here its rectangular lines are eliminated to adopt a triangular style which also helps you expand the sound in a more enveloping way.

The Official dimensions of Samsung MX-ST40B/ZF remain at 281.0 x 562.0 x 256.0 mm, while its total weight is 8 kilograms. Its management can be carried out completely through mobile devices, but a panel on its upper face is also appreciated from where you can perform basic actions such as changing the volume, enabling the enhanced bass mode or changing the sound input source. .

One of the key points in the making of this device is found in the addition of IPX5 certification, that is to say that it can withstand contact with splashes of water without problems to be able to take it outside in case you want to hold a pool celebration or simply avoid damage in case it starts to rain.

Do not stop the party

Samsung MX-ST40B

Samsung MX-ST40B is useful for small meetings

As stated above, Samsung MX-ST40B promises you a true surround sound reproduction that expands the sound in a 360º field, while for certain musical genres, the “Bass Booster” technology is appreciated which enhances the effect of the bass tones without changing the rest of the original track.

It is worth noting that this option is basically a more contained alternative to the original model called Samsung MX-T40, so despite looking exactly the same and matching each of its features, its sound power is reduced from 300W to almost half with 160W. Choosing one or the other probably boils down to how big are the parties or gatherings you want to organize?

In the case of the integrated battery, there is nothing to worry about thanks to a expanded capacity that promises around twelve hours of autonomy on a single chargeso it is enough for a whole night of music completely free of cables and without the need to look for a nearby electrical outlet.

Various configuration options

Samsung MX-ST40B

Samsung MX-ST40B has a USB input on its rear panel

The next clue that puts the Samsung MX-ST40B as a kit to have on hand when organizing small parties is in your front lighting system that makes it possible to switch between different patterns (Party, Ambient, Dance, Thunder Bolt and Star), in addition to simply modifying the colors and effects in a personalized way by simply downloading the brand’s App on any mobile device.

On the other hand, users have the possibility of accessing comprehensive equalization functions and create a virtual environment similar to that of a DJ turntable also from the manufacturer’s App. Do you want to organize each element of the music playback during the night? With this tower you can do it without having extensive technical knowledge.

Finally, we appreciate the addition of the “Group Play” technology that makes it possible to increase the total sound power thanks to a connection system, either through cable or wireless, that allows Synchronize different Samsung audio equipment. With this, the experience becomes truly immersive, even at parties that take place in different rooms or areas of a house.

As expected, the speaker comes with support for a Bluetooth connection, not only being able to serve as a sound system that increases the power of your Smart TV on a day-to-day basis, but also allowing up to two mobile devices simultaneously to be able to share music and control the playlist.

Availability and price of Samsung MX-ST40B

  • Modern and distinctive design
  • Includes customizable lighting
  • Long battery life
  • Withstands contact and splashes of water
  • Can be synchronized with other Samsung devices

  • It is a model with less audio power

Total score

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