Samebike XWP10, to ride around the city with poise and elegance

samebike xwp10 destacada.jpg
samebike xwp10 destacada.jpg

The samebike XWP10 It is an urban e-bike that offers a good autonomy of up to 80KM together with an elegant and comfortable design for the user, all this and more for an extremely reasonable price. It consists of a 250W motor, Shimano transmission system and compatibility with a mobile app that allows us to get the most out of it. Those interested in getting to know him in great detail have come to the right place.

On the other hand, if you were looking for a slightly more off-road and powerful e-bike, we would opt for the SAMEBIKE XWC05which boasts a 750W motor, as well as a compact folding design with 20 x 4-inch mountain-ready tires.

Technical characteristics of the Samebike XWP10

Brand Samebike
Model XWP10
Kind Electric bicycle
Weight 30 kilograms
Dimensions 178 x 104 x 89cm
Available colours White, black, grey, blue, red, green
wheel size 27 x 2.1 inches
frame materials Aluminium alloy
Folding Not
Break system double disc braking
Engine power 250W
Maximum speed 25km/h
climbing ability 20 degrees
battery capacity 36V / 10.4AH Li-ion battery
  • Pure electric mode: 25 – 35 km
  • Moped mode: 40 – 80 km
supported load 150KG
Package content Electric bicycle, Charger, User manual, Tools.


This is a classic urban e-bike with 6061 aluminum alloy frame and 27 x 2.1-inch off-road tires, though mind you, it’s not a mountaineer. Be that as it may, we have to praise its pristine finish, where most of the wiring is hidden, and the same applies to the battery, which is discreetly integrated into the lower part of the frame; It should be added that the latter is removable, something extremely convenient to recharge it.

As you can see, it is a large model, recommended for people taller than 160cm. In this vein, the e-bike itself weighs 30 kilograms, so it’s a bit heavy. Regarding the maximum weight supported by the vehicle, the manufacturer ensures that the e-bike is built to hold 150 kilograms.

Samebike XWP10 - Design

When we direct our attention towards the handlebars we will notice the presence of several interesting elements, starting with the hand throttle and the Shimano brand thumb gearbox. As if that were not enough, we found a adjustable smartphone holder that we can use to take ours on a ride, something that is ingratiated with the Samebike mobile application, which we will delve into later.

Similarly, the handlebar is home to a small LCD screen that indicates the current speed, the selected mode, the remaining battery charge and if the Bluetooth connection is active. We cannot despise the presence of a screen, but we do have to criticize the fact that it is very small and that it could be better positioned.

Screen and mobile support

We cannot forget to mention that the Samebike XWP10 is available in 6 varied color presentationswhich would be: white, black, grey, blue, red and green, all with a minimalist and clean finish.

color presentations

engine and features

The Samebike XWP10 is powered by a 250W power motor with 350W peaksso that the bike can move quietly at 25KM/h (up to 32KM/h without limits) and climb slopes with a 25° degree inclination. Regardless of what some shops say, this is a city bike, so the low power and speed is understandable.

In another order of ideas, it supports both electric mode and pedal assistance. In fact, the latter supports 3 levels of assistance that regulate the percentage of electric thrust provided by the engine.


As we said before, it is a bicycle for the city, and that is clear when observing that it lacks any type of suspension or damping. All this bike uses to cushion the bumps is its big tires.

Another disappointing aspect is the lack of hydraulic brakes. To stop it only has mechanical disc brakes. As a saving grace, we can say that it is at least equipped with a 7 speed transmission system provided by the Shimano brand.

For driving at night, we will find a front LED headlight that can light our way within a radius of 2 meters. Unfortunately there is no rear brake light, just a reflector.

same bike app

We cannot forget to mention the fact that the Samebike XWP10 has Bluetooth to connect with our mobile and take advantage of the Samebike app, available for both Android and iOS.


From it we can consult the same data that the screen shows us, but you can also change parameters such as speed mode and lock the bike. Perhaps the most interesting thing about it is the navigation mode, which basically Record our route using the mobile’s GPS in order to show us our trajectory on a map.


Finally, the Samebike XWP10 is powered by a 36V/10.4Ah lithium battery that promises a traveled from 25 to 35KM, but that exclusively in moped mode. If we are willing to pedal, the assist mode in theory it allows us to traverse from 40 to 80 kilometersIn the best of cases, of course. Obviously the real figure depends on many factors to give an exact number, including the user’s weight, speed, road conditions and ambient temperature; but be that as it may, it is a totally acceptable theoretical figure in this price range.

Samebike XWP10 - Battery

With that said, to the drums. it takes 4 to 6 hours to recharge to 100%, which is acceptable coming from a drive with this capability. And as we mentioned earlier, it is removable, which makes the charging process much simpler.

Availability and price of the Samebike XWP10

Those interested in the Samebike XWP10 can purchase it through the always reliable storebut it can also be found Available at for a competitive price. As always, we suggest taking a look at both offers before checking out.


  • big tires
  • Good assisted range
  • Shimano drive system
  • mobile app
  • phone holder


  • It has no suspension or shock absorbers
  • mechanical brakes

Total score