ROIDMI EVA, cleaning robot with superior mopping system

roidmi eva.jpeg
roidmi eva.jpeg

For many people, keeping the home pristine is really important and they are willing to spend large sums of money in return, especially when it comes to automatic equipment that saves users from having to go to the trouble of cleaning every day. If you go to the most “Premium” range of the robot-who-already-works-in-a-restaurant-in-paris/">robot market full alternatives can be found like roidmi EVA.

ROIDMI EVA is a high-end cleaning robot including an advanced 3-in-1 mopping system which is perfectly complemented by a suction power of 3200 mAh, compatibility with the most popular virtual assistants and the presence of a recharging base that also adds a greater number of functions for automatic maintenance.

Features of ROIDMI EVA

Dimensions 330x330mm
Weight 4.2 kilograms (robot) + 9.8 kilograms (base)
Colors White
Dust collection capacity Up to 60 days on your base
suction power Up to 3200Pa
cleaning modes 3
scrubbing capacity Yes
Water tank 3.6 liters (clean water), 4 liters (dirty water)
rated power Robot: 48W / Base: 850W
cleaning area 200 square meters
Drums 5200 mAh Lithium-Ion
Loading time about 4 hours
climbing height up to 200mm
application control Yes – Mijia App
Compatibility with virtual assistants Amazon Alexa, Google Home
Voltage 100-240V
Official site roidmi
Box contents 1x robot
2 mops (there are 2 more pieces in the machine)
1 x Instructions in seven languages
1 x Standard ohm power cable
5 x Dust bag (1 in the machine, 4 in the box)
1 x side brush
1 x long cleaning brush
1x Filter
1 x Filter cotton
1 x Sweep the floor machine
1 x base station

Forget cleaning for several months

Roidmi Eva

Roidmi Eva uses her base to change the water and empty her dust tank

One of the great advantages of this model compared to other conventional robots is the addition of a recharging base to which the model not only returns after completing its work to recover its battery power, but also it also empties its internal tank into a reservoir large enough to store dirt for up to two months.

Inside the base included with purchase Included is not only an antibacterial dust bag that kills 99.9% of bacteria and is odorless, but also a dual water tank of 3.6 liters with clean water for the ROIDMI EVA to clean its mops or recharge before starting a new period of mopping floors, and another of 4 liters that separates all the dirty water.

Nails on official dimensions of 400mm x 465mm x 382mm and a total weight of 9.8 kilograms, this base also includes an LED illuminated front panel that favors a quick view when an action is needed, whether its icons will light up when the dust bag or the dirty water tank is full, there is a lack of clean water, the mop is drying or the battery is full, empty or recharging.

New floor scrubbing system

Roidmi Eva

Roidmi Eva promises to recognize obstacles in her way

As stated above, This equipment has a suction capacity of 3200 Pa, which is almost double what is seen in other models of the brand. more conventional ones like ROIDMI EVE Plus, while operating from three main modes, one combined vacuuming and mopping, another only pressurized automatic dirt suction and finally one of pressurized mopping of greasy kitchen floors to keep floors shiny as new.

ROIDMI EVA features anti-mold and anti-odor mop pads so that they enjoy a much longer useful life than in other traditional robots, while their design is based on a rotating format with some dimensions of 4 inches and that rotate at a speed of 180 rpm to increase cleaning efficiency.

As if all this wasn’t enough, a 12N pressurized bionic scrubbing system has been added What does correct soil pressure mean? as if it were a person’s hand squeezing any surface to remove those deeper stains. In addition, thanks to its intelligent sensors, it is capable of changing its gear when it detects surfaces such as carpets in its path to avoid ruining them with water.

smart motion system

Roidmi Eva

Roidmi Eva can be synchronized with virtual assistants

As expected for these latest generation models, the robot has everything it needs to move around the house on its own, avoiding accidents if there are slopes or stairs, dodge obstacles in its path, overcome surfaces that are not completely smooth (up to 200 mm high) and even detect the height of furniture to avoid being trapped under them or in the dark.

Thanks to a mapping system, each user can establish a realistic diagram with each of the rooms that are part of his house, differentiate them by name and establish different actions such as focusing only on certain corners of the home or preventing the robot from going to any of them if it does not want to disturb or it is a sensitive area.

In conclusion, ROIDMI EVA has support for the most used virtual assistants on the market, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. so that from a mobile or having a smart speaker at hand, voice commands are possible such as starting or pausing the robot’s journey, returning to its charging base and more for maximum comfort of use.

Availability and price of ROIDMI EVA

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