Rich Bit TOP 618, an ideal e-bike for urban commuting

rich bit top 618 destacada.jpg
rich bit top 618 destacada.jpg

The Rich Bit TOP 618 It is an ideal electric bicycle for trips around the city, whether for pleasure or work, whatever it may be, it meets everything necessary to be considered as an alternative for urban mobility and this time we will discover why. If you prefer the short version of the story, we can say that it is a model with 14-inch tires, a 250W motor, a speed of 25KM/h and an electric range of 40KM, all this and more for an affordable price that makes it ideal for be someone’s first e-bike.

On the other hand, if you want to know everything about the Rich Bit TOP 618 before making a decision, you are welcome to our analysis.

Features of RICH BIT TOP-618

Model TOP-618
Guy Electric bicycle
Dimensions 128 x 45 x 102cm
Dimensions (folded) 72x45x45cm
Weight 15 kilograms
Available colours Blue, Red, White, Green
wheel size 14 x 2.1 inches
frame materials Aluminium alloy
Folding Yes
Break system Front and rear mechanical disc brake
Engine power 250W
Maximum speed 28KM/h | 25KM/h (Standard)
battery capacity Li-ion battery 36V x 7.5Ah
Autonomy About 40 kilometers (electric mode), 50 to 70 kilometers with pedaling
Loading time Between 4 and 5 hours
Supported slopes up to 12th
Supported load 120kg
indicative display Yes, monochrome LCD
Lights Yes, front LED
Package content RICH BIT TOP-618 electric bicycle, charger, tool kit, user manual, keys, fenders, luggage rack.



A very compact and resistant e-bike

Just by looking at it, it is clear that the Rich Bit TOP-618 is designed to be a bike that we should not take out of the city, it is designed to take short trips to work, a friend’s house, the mall, etc. Going into details, it is a small model with 14-inch Kenda tires and features a compact, lightweight yet strong 6061 aluminum alloy frame.

Rich Bit TOP 618 - Design

According to the manufacturer, your bike is suitable for men/women between 150 and 180 cm according to the European standard.

With that said, the bike has plenty of upsides worth talking about, starting with its folding design, which reduces the dimensions to 72 x 45 x 45 cm just by releasing a lever. Thanks to this we can store it more easily and also carry it by hand; Given that it only weighs 15 kilograms, it is clear that it will not be a problem.

TOP 618 Folded

The inclusion of a rack to carry luggage in the back is something that is appreciated. Similarly, it has fenders on both wheels and a 42T crankset.

On the handlebar we will find some important details, such as a hand throttle and a LCD screen that indicates the remaining battery charge, the current speed and other useful data when driving. Adjacent to it are buttons to change the speed.

Rich Bit TOP 618 - Luggage Rack

To light the dark paths The Rich Bit TOP 618 features a high luminance front LED headlight. Unfortunately we cannot say that there is a rear brake light.

In another order of ideas, the bicycle exists in 4 color presentations to choose from, but we have only found it available in two, which are blue and red.

Engine and features

The Rich Bit TOP 618 is equipped with a brushless motor with 250W power, which delivers a maximum speed of 28KM/h and a standard speed of 25KM/h, as well as a torque of 35Nm. Therefore, it is clear that this e-bike is suitable for tours in urban environments and public roads and has no aspiration to serve as an MTB.

As you would expect from any self-respecting e-bike, the Rich Bit TOP 618 has 3 driving modes: fully electric, manual and with pedal assistance. Naturally, this last mode allows us to extend the tour, but we will delve into that later.

Rich Bit TOP 618 - Features

However, as good as the Rich Bit TOP-618 proposal is in its price range, it clearly has some shortcomings. In this sense, there is no damping system for rough terrain and we cannot say that there is a transmission system with a gearbox to speak of, but perhaps that was to be expected. Changing the subject, what we will find is a pair of V-Brakes to stop us safely.

It should be noted that both the motor and the battery are waterproof, so there will be no problems driving it in the rain or on wet roads.


Before concluding, it is worth mentioning that the motor of the Rich Bit TOP 618 is powered by a 36V / 7.5Ah battery that promises between 35 to 45 kilometers of travel in electric mode, which is not bad at all for its price, but wait until it gets better. In this order of ideas, with the pedal assistance mode we can extend that duration up to 50 and even 70 kilometers with a bit of luck, which is not bad at all.

Rich Bit TOP 618 - Drums

As we mentioned before, it is a removable battery, which is perfectly hidden inside the frame, once removed we can take it near a wall outlet and recharge it easily. This process takes about 4 to 5 hours, which is an acceptable value in view of the autonomy that it can offer.

Availability and price of the Rich Bit TOP 618

Those interested in the Rich Bit TOP 618 will be able to acquire it through the always reliable storea good one alternative to buy it is, which offers it for a similar price and also with European shipping. As always, you are free to choose the option that suits you best, but before deciding we recommend taking a look at all the offers.

On the other hand, if you were looking for an electric bike with a higher category and features, you might be interested in meeting the WELKIN WKEM002a model that boasts 27.5-inch tires coupled with a much more elegant design.


  • Affordable
  • Decent autonomy for the price
  • Quality folding design
  • removable battery


  • little cushioning
  • It does not have a rear brake light.


Total score