Realme GT 2 Pro, análisis del nuevo buque insignia de Realme

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The Realme brand has long been surprising mobile device users with very good models. However, the firm had been based in the mid-range with affordable but very similar devices for too long. A great option, which we also analyzed very recently, is the Realme 9 Pro+ , which followed this way of acting. But the big bet has arrived and the Chinese company has launched its best mobile to date, and the one that may be one of the best in the market in general. We are talking about the Realme GT 2 Pro , a device called to surprise and from which great advances can be expected in all fields. Read on to find out what these advances are and if they are really worth it.

A paper-based design

The industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa has been in charge of guiding the design line towards a very novel idea, inspiring the Realme GT 2 Pro on paper. In fact, his signature is implemented on the device itself, as well as on the cover that comes inside the package. The goal has been to create a mobile that is comfortable to use, through a touch that is reminiscent of a sheet of paper and that really helps grip. Its measurements and weight also help, with 163.2 x 74.7 x 8.2 mm and a weight of 189 grams , which makes it a model that is not small at all, but is very light.

Realme GT 2 Pro

The colors in which it has been launched have been white and paper green, although you can always choose to alter the original design a bit to protect the device with the gray silicone case . It seems much more attractive to us without it, since we are really facing one of the best visual designs on the market. A first impression that has surprised us for good.

Everything is distributed in the usual way in premium quality mobiles, with a polymer casing that helps support, held by stainless steel frames where the buttons and terminals are located. In this case, on the right side we have the on/off button, on the left, volume up and down, a microphone above and, below, the hole for the SIM card, the hole for type C, another microphone, and a speaker that has Dolby Atmos and high definition sound certificates.

State-of-the-art display

This mobile is not going to stop with surprises and with the camera we find a series of technologies that represent a differential factor. We are facing an AMOLED 2K LTPO 2.0 , this allows you to change the refresh rate between 120 Hz and 1 Hz. Going down so much makes sense if what we are going to do does not require more, which achieves energy savings that greatly favors performance and to the battery. The screen is 6.7 inches and an unusual resolution in telephony, the Quad HD + . Inside the screen we can find the front camera and the fingerprint reader.

Realme GT 2 Pro

It is a surface that ensures very high visual performance thanks, for example, to the HDR10+ system that dynamically adjusts each frame to improve the experience. The sun is also not a problem due to the 1400 nits of brightness that it has built in. All accompanied by a color precision that is difficult to improve and that is far from what was previously achieved by the same brand. In addition, it has a material that covers the screen that protects it from bumps and scratches, and we are talking about Gorilla Glass Victus , the new release from Corning that is quite an advance.

For all this, the Realme GT 2 Pro has received the highest mark within the most prestigious standard of visual analysis, DisplayMate . Without a doubt, this is one of the best screens we have seen and this recognition does not surprise us at all.

A set of cameras to match the Realme GT 2 Pro

As if that were not enough, this mobile also has one of the most sensible sets of sensors in its camera in recent times. It meets the majority of occasions and moments, being a very versatile and useful camera in all types of photography, whether during the day or at night, in a city, or in the countryside. Now let’s break down each sensor one by one to see the reason for this wide looseness.

Realme GT 2 Pro

We start with a general 50 MP sensor with OIS technology , an IMX766 sensor by Sony and a phase detection approach. With all this we achieve an image precision that we have rarely been able to test outside of the top brands on the market. With this objective we will be able to take all kinds of images without any problem, with exquisite care in detail and use of light.

We continue with the ultra wide angle , a very mythical secondary sensor in all today’s mobiles, but here it stands out. It does so through a power much higher than what we are used to, since with also 50 megapixels, it allows you to take large photographs with overwhelming quality. In addition, it has a working angle of no more and no less than 150º, so we can take a lot of information in landscape photos or even use a fish mode that we have never seen on a smartphone.

To finish with the rear camera, we have a very curious sensor, and it is a micro with an increase of 40 lenses . These types of extras are usually not very useful, but, in this case, we think that if you are curious people and you like photography, you will be able to put it to good use since it is capable of identifying microscopic textures that are super interesting.

Finally, we have to talk about the front camera that, despite not being very prominent, still has 32 MP of power that will delight those who like to abuse the selfie, capturing all kinds of memories.

Great modes that complete the photographic task

Currently, a mobile device camera not only requires good sensors, but also a way to make them useful in a simple way. For that, the Realme GT 2 Pro has a super complete and intuitive menu. Using the sensors of this device is very simple and the playability increases thanks to the large number of photo and video recording modes that it includes. Slow motion, time lapse, 3D photography mode that makes the backgrounds move, precise stabilizers for professional recording in movie mode, panorama, and much more.

For all this, the camera of this model is one of the most outstanding in the current telephone market, also taking into account that it fights with the results of mobile phones that are much more expensive in their launches and that come from much more established brands. . Next, we leave you a gallery with some of the images that we have been able to take.

performance improvements

For a mobile to be considered one of the best releases, you can’t limit your bet to a good design or a beautiful screen, it must differentiate itself in terms of performance. Taking this into account, the Realme GT 2 Pro has fulfilled this duty through clear improvements in components and internal design.

The first great contribution that we are going to talk about is the new Qualcomm processor that has been included in this model, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 . Thus was born one of the generations of components that will surely dominate the Android market. The processor is also supported by an internal design by ARM in the v9 version, as well as 4mn technology that ensures an improvement in CPU and GPU. To all this is added the 12 GB of RAM that they include and that never cease to amaze us every time we see them on mobile devices.

Realme GT 2 Pro

But if there is another great aspect to highlight, it is that this mobile has one of the best cooling systems that we have seen. Includes a larger stainless steel steam chamber than past versions. It has also been designed in nine well-differentiated layers made up of premium materials, and in one of them, a “diamond” thermal gel that represents an advance over traditional thermal pastes.

Regarding the internal memory, we have the 256 GB version , but this is because we have the model with 12 RAM. With the 8 RAM option, you get 128 GB of storage. It will be cheaper, but it will be noticeable in both aspects.

But does it really work well?

All these improvements on paper seem premium quality, but the important thing is that all this is noticeable on a day-to-day basis. You already know that these types of extras are noticeable in continued use and taking the mobile to its maximum. After testing all its functions, giving it many hours of use and taking it to the top of its performance, it must be admitted that the Realme GT 2 Pro responds well. We have not been able to notice the appearance of continuous lag or that it is annoying, the cooling works correctly and overheating will not be a problem, in addition, it allows us to carry out any task without having to think about performance drops. It is not only an advance for the brand itself, but also for the market in general, which will have to bet on improving its mid-high range mobiles.

Connectivity with exciting news

We had been requesting improvements in the field of connectivity for some time, or, at least, advances that would change the established a bit. Well, the Realme GT 2 Pro responds to these wishes with cutting-edge technologies that try to improve wireless connections. Everything is obviously supported by 5G .

To begin with, we find the usual wireless connections, all in their latest versions, such as WIFI 6E, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC and GPS.. So far everything normal, the difference is found in the technologies that support and favor these systems. The antenna array system, a combination of the device’s hardware and software that increase WIFI and NFC reception. The operation is easy to understand, since what they have done has been to place several antennas around the entire phone so that all angles of the Realme GT 2 Pro achieve a good connection. In addition, the NFC has been retouched to give it a 360º reception, so that it can be used without the possibility of errors or misreads. They wanted to do something similar with WIFI and its omnidirectional version, which ensures the best possible connection to the network.

Moving on to the cable connections, here we only find the USB type C , which will mean that we have to use TWS headphones in the absence of the Jack. However, the connectivity of this mobile is well above the market average. In addition, it has tried to innovate, and has succeeded.

Usual battery in the brand

It is the only point where significant improvements cannot be felt. Even so, the Realme signature batteries are always very gratifying and it is normal that they did not want to touch much. In the first place, because the battery itself is very powerful, with 5000 mAh that allows continuous use for several hours, even over a full day. In addition, and as we have already seen in other models, the 65 W SuperDart charge is included , which allows you to fully recharge the battery in half an hour. As we have already said in other reviews, this extra is noticeable once you have it and when you try this type of recharge you will not want anything else.

Features of the Realme GT 2 Pro

Realme GT 2 Pro
Dimensions 163.2 x 74.7 x 8.2mm
Weight 189 grams
Colors White and green
Technologies / Bands  5G
SIM type Nano-SIM
display technology AMOLED 2K LTPO 2.0
Dimension 6.7 inches
Resolution QuadHD+
multi-touch Yes
Processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
storage memory
Ability  256GB
SD slot No
Android 12 with Realme UI 3.0
Resolution 50 MP + 50 MP + Microlens 40x optical magnification
secondary camera 32MP
Maker Realme and Sony
Ability 5000mAh
Fast charge Yes 65W
connection ports
loading port Type-C
Headphones No
Wifi Yes, Wi-Fi 6E
Bluetooth Yes, Bluetooth 5.2
gps Yes
Other features
Spanish Language Yes
Box contents Phone, silicone case, full charger and instructions

Availability and price of the Realme GT 2 Pro

In conclusion, it simply has to be said that this Realme GT 2 Pro is one of the best mobiles that we have been able to test. It represents a very big leap in quality for the Realme brand, and such a launch was sorely lacking. Each and every one of its sections is highly outstanding, not only for adding unique technological advances, but also for being useful and efficient in all its facets. Without a doubt, we recommend the acquisition of this model for all those who are willing to invest their money in a device capable of fighting with the top of the range of the best brands, without asking much in return. For all this, we award him the Golden GizAward with the highest grade that can be awarded.

  • design with sense
  • one of the best screens
  • Very outstanding camera set
  • performance improvement
  • Risk in the connectivity section
  • Fast charging and good battery
  • Great value for money
  • We have not found any real against
Total Score
Design and materials