Realme 9 Pro+, we tested the new top of the range of realme

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the signature Realme It has stood out in recent times as one of the key brands in the creation of affordable phones. We have been lucky enough to test several devices with different results, such as the Realme 8i, of which we already did a review. Today, we hope to make a qualitative leap by analyzing the company’s new device, called to be its top of the range. We refer to Realme 9 Pro+, a smartphone that looks very good and that in this article we are going to analyze in detail. Keep reading to discover what are the advances and additions of this model.

An excessively continuous design

The visual aspect of the Realme 9 Pro + is very continuous with respect to previous models of the firm. Everything is placed in a similar way, following the norm that is being established in the market of being as minimalist as possible without losing detail. In addition, it seeks comfort through reduced size and weight, with 164.4 x 75.7 x 8.4mm Y 190 grams. It is not annoying at any time, and its lightness stands out, something that almost all premium range mobiles already have, which we know is what this model is trying to achieve.


The chosen materials are once again the metallic and reflective plastics that we have already seen in many other devices. And, as in the rest of the analysis, we must say that they have a series of problems. The first thing is how slippery it is, so we will end up choosing to use a cover that ends with the original design. The second, how dirty it is, since the fingerprints are very marked and the imperfections and stains are quickly felt. And, finally, this type of finish is far from those that have top-of-the-range mobiles and that make them, without a doubt, much more attractive.

We have seen how Realme has created phones of all kinds, more and less daring, and this is in the second group. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but you should be aware of it. For this same reason, the range of colors in which this device has been launched is also sober, opting for black, which is what we have, green and blue.

A premium display for Realme 9 Pro+

The screen This device is not very different from what was previously seen on the market, but it does stand out among the cheapest mobiles. This is because it introduces technology super amoled which achieves a very high visual quality. size is from 6.43 incheswith an aspect ratio of 20:9a resolution FullHD+ and one 90Hz refresh rate. The latter has been a step backwards compared to previous models, although the 120 Hz that other devices of the firm had did not work very well. At least they have been able to backtrack to ensure optimal operation. However, we would have liked them to fix their problems and keep it in good shape.


The front camera and the fingerprint reader are perfectly integrated into the screen. It follows the norm established in the latest Realme releases, in fact everything is very similar to what we have seen before. Although something that we should highlight is that the light exposure is correct, and we always like that on a mobile.

Cameras with pros and cons

The camera set of this mobile is at an intermediate point of quality in our opinion. This is because it has a great strength, followed by a series of choices that move away from the highest quality results. The location of the cameras is the usual one, with the already usual reliefs in the rear camera and the small island for the front one.


The great success is that, inside the rear camera, we find a 50 MP Sony main sensor, more than enough power to get very good images in almost any circumstance. This, in addition, is very well supported by a second sensor 8 MP wide angle, which helps us with landscaping and with the amplitude in our photos so as not to lose a lot of information and quality in between. However, we have a third sensor that, as we have said other times, does not serve much more than marketing, since it is a depth sensing It is used to make portraits in a better way. We miss some extra that really improves the quality of our photos, or that allows us to experience something else.

According to the frontal camera It is not the best we have been able to test, it is clear. However, it is well within the market standard with its 16MP that allow you to take selfies with a more than acceptable quality. You must bear in mind that the light conditions will directly affect the results of the photo, although this is something that we always remind you of. Finally, the modes that it includes both in photography and recording are very varied, and we like them a lot, but it is true that we had already seen them in past models. We find time lapses, portrait modes, night, and even a x20 zoom that is not really necessary because the image is completely blurred, but you have to unblock it.

Here we leave you a small gallery with photos that we have been able to take with the Realme 9 Pro+:

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Performance and internal memory

The performance of any device depends a lot on the components it uses. In this case, the chosen processor is a Mediatek, specifically the Dimension 920 8 core. This choice represents a clear improvement over the predecessors, but it is still an addition that does not achieve the results of the premium range that Realme wants to approach. It is true that it works optimally, and that we will not notice problems in standard use. However, if we take the mobile to its maximum power, it will be when things change, although it should be noted that something is prepared for these moments, with a cooling system that protects the device.


The 8 GB of RAM They help, of course, and it is something that until not long ago was unthinkable in a mobile of this range. What is clear is that it is not the best mobile in this field, but it is far from being a device that cannot withstand regular use, it is even specialized in certain tasks. What we would also like to highlight is the great update that this model has brought about with regard to its customization, because it renews the Ralme UI, with its version 3.0, working together with Android 12, which is quite an improvement. And moving on to the internal memory, here we must be a bit critical, since it has 128GB of storage which, clearly, can fall a bit short today.

Connectivity and battery

The connections of the Realme 9 Pro + do not stand out for being new, but for being efficient. We meet as usual, but all up to date, with the Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, GPS and NFC as wireless connections main, all supported on the 5G that is spreading so much. This ensures very good performance and connection speed, something that is increasingly necessary. And in terms of cable connections, also the most common, with the USB Type C and 3.5mm Jack for headphones. As you may already know from other reviews, we really like this last connection, since it allows us to continue using cable connectors for music without having to share a hole with the charger.

Regarding the battery, we really like that they added a 60W SuperDart fast charge as in other models. The 4500 mAh battery is not weak, but it is always good to have a recharging system that allows us to have the mobile operating at all times. This is one of those extras that you don’t appreciate until you have it, and once you see how your phone goes from zero to one hundred in a few minutes, you won’t want anything else.

Features of the Realme 9 Pro+

Realme 9 Pro+
Dimensions 164.4 x 75.7 x 8.4mm
Weight 190 grams
Colors black, blue and green
Technologies / Bands 5G
SIM type Nano-SIM
display technology super amoled
Dimension 6.6 inches
Resolution FHD+, 1080 x 2400 pixels
multi-touch Yes
Processor Mediatek Dimension 920
storage memory
Capacity 128GB
SD slot No
Android 12 with Realme UI 3.0
Resolution 50MP + 8MP + 2MP
secondary camera 16MP
Maker Realme and sony
Capacity 4500mAh
Fast charge Yes 60W
connection ports
loading port Type-C
Headphones yes for jack
Wifi Yes, Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth Yes, Bluetooth 5.2
gps Yes
Other features
Spanish Language Yes
Box contents Phone, silicone case, full charger and instructions

Availability and price of the Realme 9 Pro+

In conclusion, this is a mobile that should not be detracted from. It has very good additions, especially focused on aspects such as connectivity or battery. However, we do we have missed a little more ambition on the part of the brand. In addition, it is true that we have been able to detect some bugs that we attribute to the fact that it is not yet for sale, such as an error that kicks us out of the camera when putting portrait mode on selfie. We hope that all of this will be well taken care of and fixed before launch.

Even so, the Realme 9 Pro+ is a very good phone within the mid-range, which also has 5G, good RAM and even a screen that has nothing to envy more expensive mobiles. For all this we give you the Silver Giz Awardbecause it is still a remarkable mobile within an affordable range for most pockets.

Silver Giz Award

We don’t have purchase links yet, but will update as soon as the device goes on sale.

  • Very high quality screen
  • Very powerful main camera sensor
  • optimal performance
  • Personalization layer improvements
  • 8GB RAM
  • Great connectivity with 5G
  • unambitious design
  • small operating errors
  • Lack of a better supporting sensor in the camera
  • Somewhat low internal memory
Total score
Design and materials