QCY T13, wireless noise canceling headphones

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qcy t13.jpg

The trend of headphone with cable-free design has spread throughout the industry and several Chinese origin manufacturers have managed to create a good number of options with state-of-the-art performance at a price that is much more competitive. Today it is the turn of another of the alternatives to seriously consider: QCY T13.

QCY T13 are low-mid range headphones that for less than 50 euros make it possible to enjoy a complete operation through a battery with external sleeve that extends its autonomy up to 40 hours, in addition to noise cancellation technology thanks to four integrated microphones and support for the recent Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity standard.

QCY T13 Features

Dimensions 12.7 x 8.4 x 3.7 cm
Weight 80 grams
Colors Black White
Type of use Intraural
Microphones 4 (two in each earbud)
Other features Noise cancellation, Sleep mode
Autonomy 5 hours of call, 8 hours of playback
Wireless charging Yes, 60 minutes of autonomy after 5 minutes
Loading time About 2 hours
Charging case 380 mAh, up to 40 hours of use in total
Touch controls Yes
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.1
Bluetooth profiles HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRCP
Maximum supported distance 10 meters
Compatibility Android, iOS
Settings app QCY App
Official site QCY
Accessories included
  • Headphones
  • Charging case
  • USB-C cable
  • User manual

Lightweight and comfortable to use design


QCY T13 are also for sale in black

There is not much to highlight in the aesthetic chosen for this model that has not been seen in dozens of opportunities previously, including one commercialization in two traditional colors of your choice, white or black, and a weight of just 80 grams for each of the parts that ensure a comfort of use after several hours.

To ensure easy control of these wireless headphones, a touch operation system is adopted It makes it possible to easily skip tracks, answer / end calls, switch to the next or previous song, or activate the phone’s voice assistant, just to mention a few compatible quick actions that avoid having to turn to the mobile or take it out of your pocket during a trip.

As if that were not enough, the users of QCY T13 have at their disposal a sleep mode that just automatically protect the touch function to avoid accidental touch, something that could occur when one is lying down, sitting or running, so there is nothing to worry about in the overall performance of this model.

Logically one of the main advantages of this type of independent design is the possibility of using only one of the headphones when you do not want to lose track of what is happening around you, or even share one of them with a friend / family member and listen to the same without having to be next door or with cables in between.

Good sound and immersion experience


QCY T13 allow you to forget about autonomy problems

On this occasion the manufacturer has decided to optimize QCY T13 operation from built-in 7.2mm dynamic driver that accurately analyzes details, restores lifelike sound, and delivers clearer notes to bring you closer to a Hi-Fi audio experience not typically found in cheap models.

Also, for use anywhere and at any time of the day, even in public or outdoor environments, a ENC noise reduction algorithm that ensures the generation of calls with superior clarity. Basically each of the headphones has two microphones, one to capture the user’s voice in the best way and the other to reduce the surrounding ambient noise.

Results of autonomy and connectivity


QCY T13 include equalization through an exclusive App

One of the advantages of this model compared to other versions of the same manufacturer (for example QCY T16) is the improvement of the transport and recharging case with which it arrives from the factory. And it is that inside it is possible store energy to fully recharge them more than four times and reach a maximum of 40 hours of autonomy.

Total, the headphones have a performance of around 8 hours of music playback or up to five hours in uninterrupted call, while the time to recharge need about two hours to recover 100% or simply 5 minutes inside the aforementioned case to get a music playback for an additional hour.

In terms of connectivity, wireless headphones use the technology Bluetooth 5.1 including small but very useful experience enhancements ranging from a 75% improvement in connection stability compared to the previous generation, as well as a wireless mirror technology that can balance the power consumption between the two earplugs, providing continuous and efficient low-power audio transmission.

Finally, the QCY T13 logically they are compatible with mobile devices with Android and iOS operating systems, and come with a Manufacturer’s exclusive application that allows you to configure and update the headphones with options like language change, default EQ modes, and OTA firmware update.

QCY T13 availability and price

For buy the QCY T13 It is possible to do it from several online stores, such is the case of Amazon with availability in black and white colors, while from the Chinese platform Aliexpress can also be achieved with international shipments for much of the world.

  • Good battery life
  • Four built-in microphones for noise cancellation
  • Comfortable use via touch controls
  • Accesible price
  • It differs little from other models of the same brand or the competition
Total score