PocketBook Touch HD 3, we tested this 6 ″ e-reader

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For those hardened readers, devices like the PocketBook Touch HD 3 they are the panacea with which to satisfy your craving for reading. This modern e-reader It has been created with only one goal: to provide the reader with a perfect experience to enjoy their passion. It is not the first digital book reader that we analyzed, you will remember the Kindle Oasis, but we are really grateful to the manufacturer for giving us the opportunity to test their device, by temporarily granting us the e-book, and give our opinion. Without further ado we begin the review.

Presentation and design of the PocketBook Touch HD 3

This new device, the Touch HD 3 of Pocketbook, is an advanced e-book reader that includes the latest technologies and features to enjoy reading on the go. A product in which the manufacturer has gathered the latest features to read on a digital device.

PocketBook Touch HD 3

PocketBook Touch HD 3

The product arrives in a functional rectangular cardboard box, in which we have a complete Touch HD 3 image. It is accompanied by some illustrative icons that inform us at a glance of the outstanding qualities of the product.

PocketBook Touch HD 3

Front of the ebook box

On the back of the packaging, and in several languages ​​(not including the Spanish), small texts describe some specifications of the model. The box is sealed with some stickers. Inside, in the foreground, we find the device docked in a foam cradle. Separated with a cardboard, are the accessories that accompany this e-book Touch HD 3. Finally under him e-reader, the documentation.

PocketBook Touch HD 3

USB charging cable; headphone adapter; and documents including the device’s quick start guide (includes Spanish)

E-reader appearance

He PocketBook Touch HD 3 it shows off an elegant and delicate style, highlighting its colored cover copper. It is a very compact, of comfortable design and ergonomic. Has a shape rectangular edged rounded. The small size of the device, and the smoothness of the chassis, provide a pleasant feeling when holding it in the hands. Although the acquisition of a cover is highly recommended, since it is not included with the product.

PocketBook Touch HD 3

Copper colored cover

He Touch HD 3 is extremely light, weighs only 155 grams and has measurements of 16.13 x 10.8 cm, from side to side, with a thickness of 8 mm.

PocketBook Touch HD 3

Four control buttons, micro-USB input and power button

As is often the case with these types of products, it is a super simple device. The control and connection elements are few. The front is largely occupied by the screen, where the lower band of the frame collects the four operating buttons. Its function is turn pages; access the menu; and Back to top. One fifth button (bright) is arranged at the base of the Touch HD 3 for switch off. Right next to him the only one reader port: a microUSB.

PocketBook Touch HD 3 technical details

Device Pocketbook combines a whole series of features to make reading a complete and agile experience. These are the qualities that stand out from the Touch HD 3.


He e-reader offers a good display of 6 inches, with technology E Ink Carta ™. With it she gives us a visualization sharp, with resolution of 1072 x 1448 and 300 dpi. It is also a touch screen, which facilitates the handling of the device to an extreme degree.

PocketBook Touch HD 3

Automatic screen rotation

The screen also has illumination. Use technology SMARTlight to read just as well and comfortably day or night. It is not only possible adjust brightness, also the color temperature of the light frontal. Includes the advantage of a Automatic mode, which regulates the lighting according to the time of day. Of course, we have at our disposal a Manual mode to adjust this light to taste. In addition, you can change brightness level or color temperature without stopping reading: sliding up or down on the touch screen will modify the setting. We can even create templates Of configuration SMARTlight automatic to switch between them.

Performance and qualities

He Touch HD 3 it is a device full of possibilities. In a few steps it is ready to use, following a few simple steps on the home screens. This is a electronic ink, so we will appreciate some slight flickers when changing screens and scrolling the menus.

PocketBook Touch HD 3

By updating the device the interface improves significantly

The interface is extremely intuitive, and when you finish configuring it alerts us when there is an update to the software to decide if we want to implement it directly. In our case we recommend doing it, because the change is for the better.

PocketBook Touch HD 3

Many applications that provide more functionality

This model has an internal memory of 16 GB Of space. It is a device waterproof, with certificate IPX7, able to endure 30 minutes to 1 meter deep in sweet water.

Battery and connectivity

He PocketBook Touch HD 3 stands out for its low consumption. And is that a single battery charge 1500 mAh that he has, allows him to endure up to a month.

PocketBook Touch HD 3

Everything is easily regulated in the settings

The e-book offers complete wireless connectivity, combining WiFi 802.11b / g / n and Bluetooth. With the latter we have the possibility of use a wireless headset to take advantage of the device’s audio features if you don’t want to use the included cable adapter. By having Wifi we have at our disposal a great proposal of services among which are Dropbox PocketBook, Send-to-PocketBook and PocketBook Cloud.

PocketBook Touch HD 3 Technical Specifications

In the following table we leave you to consult all the characteristics of this e-reader:

PocketBook Touch HD 3
Dimensions 161.3 x 108 x 8 mm
Weight 155 g
materials Plastic
Colors Spicy Copper (Copper)
Display technology
  • E Ink Carta ™
  • Capacitive Touch (multisensor)
Dimension 6 inches
  • 300 DPI
  • 1072 × 1448
  • 16 levels of gray
Front light + (SMARTlight)
  • Adjustable headlight that automatically adapts the brightness to the ambient light
Performance and Storage
Processor Dual Core (2 × 1 GHz)
Memory 512 MB
Device capacity 16 GB
Type Li-On Polymers
  • 1500 mAh
  • On a single charge, the battery can last up to a month
  • Battery life varies depending on the settings, use, and connection used
Connection ports
loading port micro-USB
Headphones With adapter and BT
Wifi 802.11 b / g / n
Bluetooth Yes
Other features
Supported content formats
  • E-books
  • Images
  • Audio
    • MP3, M4B
Dictionary ABBYY Lingvo® Dictionaries (24 language combinations), English – German, Webster’s Dictionary 1913
Text to speech English (15 additional languages ​​available for free download at pocketbook.ch)
Additional characteristics
  • PocketBook Cloud
  • ReadRate
  • Dropbox PocketBook
  • Send-to-PocketBook
  • Library, Library, Dictionary, Browser, Audiobooks, Audio Player, Gallery, Calculator, RSS News, Notes, Chess, Klondike, Scribble, Sudoku
Audio output MP3 (via micro USB adapter and Bluetooth)
  • On off
  • Page turn
  • Start
  • Menu
Waterproof Water resistance (IPX7), HZO ProtectionTM
Box contents
  • e-book
  • Charging cable
  • USB / Jack adapter
  • Quick Start Guide

Conclusions about the PocketBook Touch HD 3 e-book

PocketBook Touch HD 3

The PocketBook Touch HD 3 is an excellent e-reader

He PocketBook Touch HD 3 it’s a great ereader with which to enjoy the pleasure of reading anywhere. But not only this, since being compatible with audio files, we can accompany ourselves with our music favorite or just move on to audiobooks. The ability to read many formats gives it enormous versatility, being also a device with complete connectivity and very well manufactured. Therefore, when PocketBook Touch HD 3 we grant our Gizlogic Gold Award.

Gizlogic Awards GOLD

  • Screen lighting.
  • Reading in any environmental condition.
  • Waterproof.
  • Connectivity

  • It does not bring a cover.

9 Total score