PocketBook Era, we tested the 7″ E Ink Carta 1200 screen eReader

pocketbook era.jpg
pocketbook era.jpg

The pocketbook Era is the brand new e-reader of a company specializing in electronic readers. The new model rises as the reference badge from a catalog with devices as well known as the Touch HD 3, which we were fortunate to try here. The manufacturer has, once again, been kind enough to give us his new one. reader of books to see first-hand the Product characteristics and share our user experience. Of course, you are invited to discover everything that the most modern of e book.

PocketBook Era

PocketBook Era with 7-inch E Ink carta™ 1200 Display

Presentation and design of the PocketBook Era

The It wasof pocket bookis a brand new ebook reader for lovers of reading and the audiobooks. The device features a novel design for what the line supposes e-reader of the company, with the aim of providing the more pleasant and consistent user experience.

PocketBook Era

White box with illustrative band and information in all languages

The reader arrives to us in a simple case-type box. A large image of the reader It was occupies most of the front of the strip that wraps the package.

PocketBook Era

A look inside the package

On the back of this band are described in detail the device qualities in multiple languages, including Spanish. A pair of seals seal the white box that protects the device. Opening it, we first have the ebook wrapped in plastic and encased in a cardboard cradle. Underneath the appliance are the accessories included with the PocketBook Era: documentation Y cables.

PocketBook Era

USB charging cable and USB Type-C audio adapter included

Appearance of the e-reader

The It was that they have ceded to us is the silver one, called Stardust Silver. This has more relevance than simply aesthetics, as we will see later. The manufacturer also puts on sale a model with a copper finish, Sunset Copper. The appearance of the device is elegant and sober, with a high quality feel. It is compact Y comfortable to have in hand.

The PocketBook Era weight 228 grams and has measurements of 15.5 x 13.43cmfrom side to side, with a thickness of only 7.8mm. The device has a metallic border which is what gives it the color that defines it, and a black plastic back with grooves that guarantee grip.

PocketBook Era

The back of the black plastic case has grooves that improve grip

Like most of ebooks seeks to be a simple device with few control and connection elements. The front is practically all screen, with a glass that covers the panel and the thick border that frames it. An extension on the right side serves to accommodate the buttons: Menu, switch off; Advance; recoil; and beginning. On that same side, in the profile, its only port is located, of type USB-C; and a tiny indicator light.

PocketBook Era

USB C port and indicative LED on the same side where the control buttons are located

PocketBook Era Stardust Silver Technical Details

The e-book of pocket book It has all the qualities that today’s inveterate reader demands to cover reading habits at any time. The fundamental characteristics of It was are the following.


The e-reader show off screen tactile of 7 inches and latest generation E Ink Carta™ 1200. It offers us a resolution of 1264×1680 Y 300dpibeing very nice Y comfortable to use; it is also scratch resistant. Thanks to its new technology the contrast it is elderly and the response time It has been reduced considerably.

PocketBook Era

E Ink Carta™ 1200 with 16 grayscale levels

PocketBook Era

SMARTlight activated, the adaptive front light with adjustable brightness and color temperature

The new device pocket book includes the function SMART light. Is a adaptive headlight able to adjust the brightness and the color temperature of the screen to provide an optimal e-reading experience.

PocketBook Era

1264 x 1680 resolution, 300 DPI, 15% increased contrast, and 20% improved response time

Performance and qualities

The PocketBook Era requires no more initial settings than choose the language and connect it to our network Wifi. Once in the main window, we can customize any aspect of its configuration by pressing the arrow symbol, visible in the upper margin. Being a device electronic ink we will appreciate certain flickers when scrolling through the menus or activating any option.

PocketBook Era

A complete and simple interface to manage all the settings of the e-Reader

The interface is super intuitive, without complications. The functions are represented with very descriptive icons and texts. The model we have received, Stardust Silverhas an internal memory with 16 GB capacity. In the case of the reference with finish Sunset Copper storage increases to 64GB.

PocketBook Era

The library has the usual functions to locate our readings

PocketBook Era

Support for 6 audio formats and text-to-speech functionality

This reader of e-books integrates mono speaker for play any file of Audio and even read out loud in any of the 26 languages ​​available. Count with one g-sensor to rotate the screen automatically and it is waterproof compliant IPX8.

Battery and connectivity

the electronic book It was It has a powerful battery 1700mAh with which we can not worry for a month without charging the device.

PocketBook Era

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

The device can not only charge and receive content through the port USBif not that it has the advantages of the wireless connectivity. With this technology you can sync up the reader with other devices and manage comfortably our library, until access cloud services that extend the functionality of the book. For example, connect it to an account of drop box to transfer contents; or access the benefits of Adobe DRM to even use our user of eBiblio (digital lending service of public libraries).

PocketBook Era

Wireless connectivity allows us to activate various services that extend the functionality of the PocketBook Era

And let’s not forget their technology Bluetoothwith which the book reader can be linked to wireless headphones, speakers or other devices audio and music playback.

Technical specifications of the PocketBook Era

In the following table we leave you to consult all the characteristics of this e-reader:

PocketBook Era
Dimensions 134.3 × 155 × 7.8mm
Weight 228g
Materials metal and plastic
Color Stardust Silver, Sunset Copper
Guy E Ink Carta™ 1200 / Capacitive Touch (multi-sensor)
Dimension 17.8 cm (7 inches)
Resolution 1264 × 1680 pixels
DPI 300
color depth 16 levels of gray scale
Front light Yes, SMARTlight
Settings Brightness and color temperature
Processor Dual Core (2×1GHz)
Operating system Linux 3.10.65
Internal memory
  • 16GB Stardust Silver
  • 64GB Sunset Copper

(Available internal storage capacity may vary depending on your device’s software configuration)

card reader Nope
Guy lithium ion polymer
  • 1,700mAh
    • Up to a month of autonomy with a charge
    • Battery life may vary based on usage mode, connectivity, and settings
connection ports
Port USB type C (charging and connection)
Headphones with USB adapter
Wifi 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)
Bluetooth 4.0
Other features
Audio mono speaker
  • G
  • Deck
Protection IPX8 against water, and improves against scratches
Supported content formats
  • Electronic books (without conversion)
  • Images
  • Sound
    • MP3, OGG
  • audiobooks
    • M4A, M4B, OGG, OGG.ZIP, MP3, MP3.ZIP
text to speech English (25 additional languages ​​available for download at pocketbook.ch)
  • English Webster’s 1913
  • English ↔ Arabic, English ↔ Armenian, English ↔ Azeri, English ↔ Chinese (Simplified), English ↔ Chinese (Traditional), English ↔ Estonian, English ↔ French, English ↔ German, English ↔ Greek, English ↔ Hebrew, English ↔ Hungarian, English ↔ Italian, English ↔ Latvian, English ↔ Lithuanian, English ↔ Polish, English ↔ Portuguese, English ↔ Romanian, English→Russian, English ↔ Slovak, English ↔ Spanish, English ↔ Swedish, English ↔ Turkish, English ↔ Ukrainian
  • German → Russian
  • Italian (Wiktionary)
  • Spanish (Wiktionary)
Online services PocketBook Cloud, ReadRate, Dropbox, Send-to-PocketBook
Applications Book Store, Library, Dictionary, Browser, Audiobooks, Music Player, Gallery, Calculator, RSS Feeds, Notes, Chess, Klondike, Scribble, Sudoku
  • Menu, On/Off
  • Advance
  • Recoil
  • Start
Box contents
  • electronic reader
  • USB A to USB C cable
  • USB Type-C Audio Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Brochure with the obligations derived from the guarantee

Conclusions about the PocketBook Era e-book

PocketBook Era

PocketBook Era Stardust Silver for lovers of reading and audiobooks

The e-reader Era of pocket book It is an excellent product that does everything it promises. The screen of the device has a quality unquestionable, and the performance of the reader is in accordance with the standards of a model of electronic ink. It is in the extra details where the device stands out. The added value of speakerthe correct wireless connectivityand the illumination in the background, they make the PocketBook Era a product worthy of Gold Award.



  • Screen quality and lighting.
  • Compatible with audiobooks.
  • Water and scratch resistant.
  • Very complete connectivity.

  • Does not include cover.
  • Catalog of the book store in Spanish lower than the competition.

Total score